The guys from Ride are at it again with “Ride With Us Season 2 Episode4: ‘Oh Canada'” Check out the video below to watch some Northwest riders tear it up with Ride Snowboards! Here’s a small recap from Tom Little, RWU Filmer/Editor/Brotographer:

“While the crew continued to wait for La Nina to come back, we loaded up the sleds and made a journey up onto Mt. Baker in search of some freshies. We were able to session some super fun natural hits up high on the volcano and even send the sleds off some hits as well.

Soon after that, La Nina came back in a BIG way, burying the whole state of Washington in that fluffy stuff. While Kitzke made use of the snow that shut down the cities, Tommy, Shaw, and Hiro made a trip up to Red Mountain in Rossland, British Colombia to meet up with the likes of Hanah Beaman, Brenden Swanson, Megan Ginter, and Todd Kirby. While up in Beautiful British Colombia the crew found some nipple deep pow and even some fun Urban spots. Thanks to our super rad guide Canadian Mike, aka Mike Cole, the crew had a blast and even came home with a few new tricks up their sleeves!

Meanwhile the snow is still coming down up here in the Pacific Northwest, so I’m gonna stop writing about this episode and go pack my gear and get ready to stack tomorrow in the back country!”

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below!

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