Anyone who smokes weed has heard of the classic strain “OG Kush”— the genetic backbone of the West Coast cannabis varieties. Many brands fall short when recreating OG’s, however Ember Valley sets the bar high with their perfected Riff OG Strain. 

Although the brand raises the bar, the West Coast Weed Tour is about finding the best of the best. In this official WCWT Review, Respect My Region’s Joey Brabo finds out if Ember Valley’s Riff OG makes the cut. 

Who Is Ember Valley?

Ember Valley, based in Shasta County, CA, is known for their cultivation of premium craft cannabis. With the largest indoor cultivation facility in the entire state, it’s no surprise that this brand is known for busting out huge quantities of quality flower.

Ember Valley Products
Image From Ember Valley Instagram

Because of their unique growing environment, Ember Valley produces a wide variety of genetics, many of which you can find in dispensaries up and down California. Their take on the classic OG Kush has a classic flavor and a unique title paying a respect to a dear friend who passed away. 

Riff OG nug
Image From Ember Valley Website

Official Review

Right off the bat, the Riff OG shows that this strain has been done right. The bud gives off an aggressive, earthy pine scent. The herbaceous smell also has hints of a dark musk. This strong smell is what you want out of your OG, and after Joey tries his first hit, it’s clear the flavor is there to match. 

The first hit brings the distinct taste of sweet pine. Joey describes the earthy tastes as strong, but not harsh like other OG’s. Instead, this strain’s flavor is on the sweet side.

As far as the high, the Riff OG gives the smoker a sedative and relaxing body high, with an energetic burst for the head. This strain leaves Joey feeling creative, but definitely not sober.

Avoid things like driving or using motor skills with this strain, but kickback and enjoy chilling at home or walking out in nature. The more hits you take of this OG, the more likely you are to chill on the couch.

With a high that’s perfect for relaxing and an awesome flavor/smell, Joey gives Ember Valley’s take on this classic strain a 9.25 out of 10. Check out the video below to see the full review.

If you don’t feel like watching, scroll down and skip ahead to read the scorecard at the bottom of this post. Each of the products reviewed on the WCWT are also featured on our website as well as the Respect My Region Instagram and Youtube.

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West Coast Weed Tour Official Review
94%Overall Score
Presentation 90%
Appeal 90%
Color 100%
Smell 100%
More Information 80%
Would You Recommend 100%