Portland hip-hop artist Rikoe Wavy is back with a new crazy lit video for “Kicking Shit.” An artist that’s always ahead of the curve, Rikoe has been an artist inside the RMR family for a long time so we’ve had a chance to watch him progress over the years.

Staying consistent with delivery and bars, the rapper has also always had impeccable timing on the mic. As the current sound has changed over time, his sound has been able to morph alongside it. Never sacrificing originality, the hustler’s spirit has been with the Wavy since adolescence. Fans of his earlier work under a different moniker can attest to that.

Released via the artist own label, the content of this song is more than just lyrics. Rikoe Wavy owns a few businesses and is an artist outside of rap. Owning his own tattoo and music studio, he’s living up to the label name Secure The Bag Entertainment. “Kicking Shit” finds Rikoe getting to the bag over a slowed-down instrumental; a vibe that fits in perfectly with a lot of current playlists. The record was produced by Secure The Bag ENT in house producer Billy Rose and director Phvzes took the wheels for the visual.

Rikoe Wavy ‘Kicking Shit’ (Music Video)

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Wake up and roll up that reefer,

I’m kicking shit like its FIFA”

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