Rising Indian DJ Aerreo Talks Quitting Banking Job To Chase His Dream In Interview

Nikihil, who is also known as Aerreo, is a rising DJ and producer originally from India. As an artist apart of the Atlantic Records label, Aerreo has accomplished quite a bit and is already making his mark globally. He has seen millions of digital streams from all over the world and has performed at some of the most prestigious festivals like Ultra Music Festival and special venues around the globe.

We imagine, the everlasting decision to quit his traditional banking job in order to chase his dream was the best decision he’s ever made. Be sure to keep an eye out for Aerreo on his rise to stardom and follow along with his journey on Instagram. Don’t miss his latest single “Unforgettable’” ft. NEIMY & NSH which is provided at the bottom of the page!

Exclusive Aerreo Interview

*This interview was edited for clarity*

RMR: I saw Martin Garrix chose “Unforgettable” as one of his Top 50 favorite songs on Spotify. Were you expecting that? 

Aerreo: Honestly no, but it feels pretty great to know that he likes the track and thinks it’s worthy enough of being in his top 50.


RMR: How has it been so far to be a part of Atlantic Records, Armada Music and the other labels you work with?

Aerreo: It’s been great because it not only helped me connect to their loyal fan base but also get in touch and network with a lot of like-minded producers.


RMR: When did you first get into making music? What inspired that? Was it someone around you?

Aerreo: Very few people know this but I was a banker before I decided to pursue my passion and make a living out of it. It was back in 2013 when SHM were on their ‘one last tour’ I went to see them and I remember it was the last track of their set and I was suddenly brought to tears. I had this moment of realization that “this is what I want to do in life, this is where I wanna be.” Later that week, I decided to quit my job. I dropped out of my college and made a promise to myself that no matter what I’m gonna chase the love that I have for music over anything. I haven’t looked back since then and the universe has been kind enough in letting me do so.


RMR: Whose sound has had a big influence on what you’ve been able to come up as your own?

Aerreo: Currently, it’s been Illenium, I love his sound and his music has really been inspiring me and lots of my current projects.


RMR: What has been a huge highlight in your musical career so far?

Aerreo: I would say releasing my first ever single back in 2014 because it was exactly one year after the SHM show and it made me realize that I can actually make this work. One year later I was at the exact same stage where SHM played but this time I wasn’t in the crowd but behind the console watching 1000s of people dance to my music. It was surreal.


RMR: If you aren’t making music, what can Aerreo be found doing for fun?

Aerreo: I love food and traveling. So you would generally see me trying out new places to eat or exploring new places to visit. I have a thing for nature, especially the mountains.


RMR: Where would you love to travel to play music if you could visit anywhere in the world? Also, what has been one of your favorite places to play at so far??

Aerreo: I would love to play in the states. That should be on the cards soon! Currently in India, my favorite city to play so far has been Bangalore.


RMR: If you could work with any other artist, who would it be?

Aerreo: Again it would Be illenium


RMR: What could we expect from Aerreo in the next several months or year to come?

Aerreo: I have another couple of releases lined up. One of them is very different and very regional based. The whole vocal is in contemporary Indian classical music so that’s something I’m experimenting with in my next release.


RMR: Last question here, when could we expect a visit from you to the United States and more specifically Seattle, Washington!?

Aerreo: It should be soon. Playing in the states is one of the goals and we are working hard on making it happen so hopefully 2019 should be it.

Aerreo Ft. NEIMY & NSH – “Unforgettable”