Ro James is back with a brand new single titled “Selfish.” He’s been active in music since 2011, and he’s continuing to develop his sound. Throughout 2020, he’s been delivering consistent singles. This can be seen with songs such as “Touchy Feely” and “Last Time.” While the R&B singer has an established catalog of music, it’s amazing to see him continue to expand and mold on his sound. With his new single “Selfish,” he showcases this and his new song cannot go unnoticed.

Throughout the song, his creative and thoughtful lyrics are the focal point to the track. The range that he showcases throughout is also impressive, as it works well with the diverse styles of the instrumental. From filtered guitars heard in the verses to the tight production and effects heard in other parts, it makes the song versatile. The smooth and upbeat single showcases Ro Jame’s voice well, as he continues to grow and evolve his sound.

There is no doubt that Ro James has delivered a hit with his latest single. He shows off his diversity, versatility, and artistic style from start to finish. For fans that are unfamiliar with his music, he’s definitely a name to get to know sooner than later.

Ro James – “Selfish”

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