Rod Wave has released a brand new single titled “Pray 4 Love.” The Florida-based artist has been making big moves in the game. What makes him so special is that he has so many skill sets that include rapping, singing, and songwriting. His multifaceted talent shines in all of his music. Notable songs include “Heart On Ice” and “Cuban Links” featuring Kevin Gates. In his latest release, Rod Wave doesn’t disappoint as he goes all in.

On “Pray For Love,” the lyrics are the focal point throughout. From start to finish, he keeps things real as he discusses varying friendships and experiences in life. The mid-tempo instrumental features many R&B influences – which can be heavily seen in the piano transitions. This element adds greater depth to the overall song, and adds more texture to the other instruments in the beat.

One of the most impressive aspects in “Pray 4 Love” is that Rod Wave both raps and sings. It’s rare to see artists doing both parts – let alone mastering it. Seeing the standing he’s setting for himself, it will be interesting to see him continue to move forward. With his latest single, he’s making himself noticed and his song “Pray 4 Love” demands the attention of everyone.

Rod Wave – “Pray 4 Love”