The Romulan strain is a mighty indica strain that gets its name from the alien Star Trek race. Many medical users regale this strain for having potentially powerful therapeutic effects. By crossing an unknown North American indica plant with White Rhino, you get this notably sedative cultivar. There are many different phenos of Romulan that have found their way around, but all typically share the same potentially blissfully nullifying effects.

Viewing a few choice buds of the Romulan strain will reveal a cheesy-like appearance that has a stupid amount of trichomes. Light green leaves are usually met with similarly orange-cream colored hairs sticking out. Breaking a nug open lets loose a palpable blast of hoppy, peppery, and piney gas that makes your nostrils flare. The nugs themselves are very dense (yet squishable) and short and fat in shape.

The Romulan strain’s dominant terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Each of these possesses either calming, anti-inflammatory, or sedative effects. It’s no surprise that many medical patients are fans of this strain. They may seek it for potential pain-relieving, or sleep-inducing qualities, among other qualities. Cannasseurs of the PNW have given this strain a following as well purely for its stench and potentially intense cerebral effects.

Romulan Strain (day 54)

Genetics by @romulangenetics, Cultivated by @420707er

Myrcene gives off a hoppy, musky, and somewhat sweet berry aroma that may be synonymous with calming and uplifting effects. Caryophyllene is a peppery, spicy, and earthy terpene. It may be contributing a lot to this strain’s potential for pain relief and overall anti-inflammatory effects. Lastly, pinene is giving Romulan its outdoorsy pine notes and also potentially producing further pain-relieving and body relaxing effects.

Newer smokers should be careful with the Romulan strain because it might knock you senseless. It might have an intense cerebral high that takes you into warp drive and poops you out in a new galaxy. These frosty buds might be the perfect medicine for twisting a smile on your face before zoning out into your evening entertainment. If you have trouble with insomnia, paranoia, or stress, this strain may melt your troubles away.

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