Rosebud CBD: Alexis Rosenbaum's Journey To Founding A Successful Female-Centric CBD Brand

Rosebud CBD: Alexis Rosenbaum’s Journey To Founding A Successful Female-Centric CBD Brand

Since April 2018, Alexis Rosenbaum has been running her own CBD brand powered by Oregon cannabis. Her brand, Rosebud CBD, quickly grew to make over six figures a month in sales. While starting off as someone who was anti-cannabis, Alexis has grown into a true advocate and entrepreneur within the space.

At 29, Alexis was woken up with her first experience with cannabis. Immediately she realized how much she felt she had been lied to, and wanted to spread the word. Cannabis was able to help her deal with her stress and changes in life, and so she wanted to share that with the world through Rosebud CBD.

Obviously she’s had success with her company, and this has proved to be a blessed endeavor. Selling bath products, tinctures, and other winning CBD products, Rosenbaum has realized her dream of creating an excellent company.

Rosebud CBD

Taking Care of the Rosebud CBD Community

Coming from a line of salespeople, Rosenbaum knows how to run a business. Rosebud CBD goes past the average brand vying for your attention in this competitive industry. With an active and informative blog along with an introduction to CBD, the website is full of resources. Rosebud CBD also has a membership program to save money. For every $20 spent members save $1.

Additionally, with a clean Instagram page and generally solid internet presence, Rosenbaum is a bit of an influencer herself. Her summery visual aesthetic and choice of colors on her personal page translate seamlessly into her branding for Rosebud. Rosebud CBD is an easy company to trust and get into because of how transparently Alexis represents their values in her daily life. Practically spearheading the company herself, Rosenbaum is a hustler in the CBD space and is furthering the importance of adding a woman’s touch.

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