Concentrates are becoming more and more popular across the marijuana world. It seems like everyone is preferring to dab these days. And why wouldn’t they? With stronger hits and longer lasting highs, it’s no wonder really. So let’s be thankful that there are companies like Rosinbomb. They’ve produced the quality presses that allow us to make concentrates with ease and quality. Rosinbomb began as a family business that specialized in machinery creation for a long time before they entered the rosin press industry.

Bringing their knowledge and expertise from decades of quality work in machine creation, they’ve become one of the best rosin press companies on the planet. The company has been a forerunner since the get-go thanks to their commitment to innovation, simplicity, and ability to keep evolving. Plus, they deliver a very high-level product at an affordable price. If you’ve been seeking an innovative and cost-effective way of making your own concentrates, your search may be over.


One of the best features of Rosinbomb products is their simplicity. The Rosinbomb presses are some of the most compact and discreet presses on the market today. The Rosinbomb Rocket and the Super Rosin Press are two of the very best that they have to offer. Both of these are built with convenience and simplicity in mind.

How Rosinbomb Can Change Your Life?

The Rosinbomb Rocket is a press designed with thoughts of the regular dabber firmly in mind. This great little piece of equipment stands at around 10 inches tall and weighs in at about 15 lbs. Making it extremely portable. A standard sized backpack could easily contain it and away you go. On one side of the Rosinbomb Rocket, there is a display which allows you to see exactly where your temperature is at. This is supremely important information if you’re pressing different strains. The plates can heat to about 300 but as we mentioned, with different strains will mean different optimum temperatures.

The Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press, on the other hand, is a powerhouse of rosin pressing ability. A little bit bigger than the Rocket, it stands at 16 inches high. This isn’t much bigger than a regular sized coffee machine. That said, though, it weighs about 16kg, so not exactly the kind of thing you’re going to be slinging across your back in a hurry. But it’s easily stored in a cabinet or even on a counter. The power is phenomenal at around 5,500lbs of force which translates the provided 4.5 x 2.5 inch mesh pouches to 490 psi.


Of course, you might be asking why don’t you just scrape together your own DIY rosin press.  Well, the answer is so simple it can be answered in one word: quality. Sure it’s possible to generate that amount of heat. But this would be using inferior methods (hair straighteners, anyone?) What you might not be aware of though is that you would need to generate a lot more pressure than you probably could with a set of hair straighteners or whatever else you cobbled together.

Added to this, if you couldn’t generate the right amount of pressure you’d be tempted to turn that heat dial up way up. This is just a terrible way of extracting concentrates. Before you know it you’d be left with an inferior product and because of the higher heats, there’d be lower yields. But this wouldn’t be the case with a Rosinbomb. Each plate is precisely heated so that the resin will turn into a liquid. From here you can squeeze out your yield. Plus, the controls on the body of the press allow you to adjust the temperature.

The Rosinbomb has the ability to process around half an ounce (14 grams) of material in one go. This means that even with larger quantities you don’t need to worry about losing any of your efficiency.


Also, it’s worth mentioning, too, that the whole line from Rosinbomb looks really cool. The stainless steel exteriors are a sleek and timeless look. Instead of being cheaply thrown together these two have been painstakingly crafted and engineered using premium materials. There’s no chance of substandard materials working their way into the design when Rosinbomb are building them.

Why You Should Get One

It’s easy to see why the Rosinbomb company are tearing up the market. Their innovative designs, their quality, and the minimal amount of upkeep. If you’re looking to simply press a few grams at one time they have you covered. And if you’re looking to press larger quantities again, Rosinbomb have you covered with the Super Rosin Press.

The Rosinbomb products are simple to set up and easy to operate and use. Added to that they require little maintenance to keep in good shape, these products will keep you in quality concentrates for a long time to come.