Open up the meme vault and pull out the Snoop files because we got a “WHO?!?” name Arizona Zervas who is the latest TikTok craze sweeping the globe. After going viral on the popular social media app, his pop/hip-hop vibe “ROXANNE” has since gone #1 on Apple Musics Today’s Hits, #1 on Spotify’s US Top 50, #2 on Spotify’s US and Global Viral 50, and #7 on Spotify’s Global Top 50.

Oh, and he’s done all of this as an independent artist.

Originally from Maryland but now based in Los Angeles. Arizona Zervas has been making music for over 7 years now, and this isn’t his first time making the rounds throughout the internet. In 2016, he went viral for a NFL Super Bowl Halftime Freestyle over a Drake beat he posted on Facebook where he name drops all 32 NFL teams.

2016 NFL Super Bowl Halftime Freestyle

Things only continued to look good for Zervas. Later in 2016 he then went on tour with Nat Maloley aka SK8. SK8 was one of those guys who became massively famous on Vine and social media, eventually going on to make music professionally as we recently signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Records.

Since this tour in 2016, Arizona Zervas has been steadily releasing music. He’s garnered millions of views on the popular YouTube channel Promoting Sounds with songs like “Drain Me,” “Zone,” and “No I In Team.”

The Break Through

“ROXANNE” absolutely blew up on TikTok after Zervas uploaded a simple video of him dancing to the track. Since then, there have been over 500k TikToks made to it with another 250k+ TikToks that were made to a longer version.

Arizona Zervas is serious about music and is more than just a hit or two-hit wonder. He has a catalog of 33 tracks on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. If you’ve been sleeping, or like most people just haven’t heard of Arizona Zervas, simply go look at what’s trending on your favorite music app and I’m sure you’ll find him there.

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I’d like to shout out HelloYassin who provided much of the information in this article. Check out his original video here.