Ruel, also known as Ruel Vincent van Dijk, came to Columbia City Theater Thursday night. Making a stop for his ‘Free Time’ World Tour, the Australian native brought his A-Game to the intimate Seattle venue, which was packed out with fans who couldn’t wait to see him in person!


Not only were we gifted with a singing performance but also saw dancing, guitar playing and more. Ruel’s natural talent as a musician shined through in his effortless ability to do so many different things on stage. After seeing him live, it’s easy to see why people like Shawn Mendes and Khalid have offered Ruel an opening spot before their shows and why people like Elton John are vocal about their support for the 16-year-old.


Ruel’s wildly appealing vocals rang throughout the brick-built venue as his passionate fans screamed and maintained engagement the entire time. A lot of times during live music, there can be slow moments, but Ruel did a fantastic job making it entertaining from start to finish. I wouldn’t have minded if he played longer than his standard set time and I know I can speak for the others present!


The ability to keep fans thoroughly engaged is the difference between good and great entertainers. The fact Ruel had everybody’s attention the entire time says a lot about his stage presence and as a result, allowed everyone apart of the experience to be thrilled with the time they were having.

Don’t miss out on being apart of Ruel’s future as the 16-year-old is just warming up and starting to crack new markets! In the meantime, you can check out his latest music below and follow along on his Instagram for more of Ruel.

Ruel – Free Time (2019)