RyanvanHygan aka God’s Stepfather is a slick Seattle spitter that we’ve been familiar with. Over the years, he’s put out consistently engaging tracks that always get the ladies dancing. The dude has a certain swagger to him that perfectly translates to his music. You could describe a lot of his music the way you could describe Funkmaster Fleek himself—well-dressed. With the onset of the Coronavirus, Ryan is stepping up to the plate and unleashing a bevy of cuts. Most recently, he let loose his aloof track “Imma Be (Cool)” that features high-key wavy production and breezy lyricism.

“Imma Be (Cool)” is one of the many cuts that RyanvanHygan’s had tucked away in his vault. The track chronicles the wake of a heavy breakup that had the guy feeling out of sorts. Finding his inner strength, Ryan penned this track as a cathartic practice to prophesize his future emotional stability. The downtempo boom and bap of the song reek of a rainy-day melancholy, but Ryanvan’s delivery makes the track glide.

Listening to the song, it serves as an example of his growth as an MC. If you put one of his newer tracks side-by-side, you’ll see the evolution of his flow. “Imma Be (Cool)” had actually been in his catalog for a few years before he made the decision to drop.


The production on the track get me swaying and nodding as I took notice of the seamless transitions from verse to hook. Elijah Flippin put his ankle into the instrumental with ethereal Fender Rhodes keys and loose, yet driving drums. RyanvanHygan turns on the flex with his delivery and airs out his grievances of a relationship lost and new hope for himself. He says “the most transparent MC you’ve ever seen,” putting his emotions on his sleeve, yet simultaneously letting us know he’s going to be “cool.” RyanvanHygan has nothing to hide and spares no expense giving us the facts.

Only clocking in at 1:41, the song still has the ability to deliver a powerful message. In the times that you’re kicking yourself there’s always the promise of the future. It’s safe to assume that during the times of quarantine, RyanvanHygan will keep delivering us a calculable amount of singles. Chew on “Imma Be (Cool)” for now before he serves us up another delectable cut.

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