This year I was given the amazing opportunity to see Safe in Sound in both Denver and Seattle. I chose to go to Denver because I have never seen Nero and I listen to them almost daily. The music scene in Denver is so different from Seattle and I was in love. Little did I know Zomboy would be starting a healthy competition between the cities for the title of bass capital.

The morning after Safe in Sound in Seattle I woke up thinking how in the heck am I going to write this piece. Seattle went hard but they also had Excision as headliner whereas Nero played in Denver. Then I watched a video of the same song by Zomboy in each city and I thought there is no way it’s even close. Think about it, Seattle got Excision and Denver got Nero. Both incredibly talented and amazing acts but Excision is heavier and as the bass capital wouldn’t you get the heavier headliner?

I know you need more convincing than that though so here’s 4 more reasons:

1: Bassheads in Seattle headbang. There is a reason Excision has a song titled headbanga, it’s what bassheads do. When I was Denver I saw ONE girl headbang, versus Seattle the entire left front side was headbanging. I even had someone in Denver tell me I shouldn’t headbang because it’s not a metal show.

2: Terravita came on at 6:30 and threw down a very heavy set, eventually calling the Seattle crowd one of the craziest they’ve ever seen. It really set the tone for the night and the crowd and myself included really ate it up. What city do you know goes that hard before 7pm?

3: Datsik is another pioneer in the bass scene much like Excision and he absolutely threw down. Easily competing with Zomboy for heaviest set of the night, Datsik was really playing to the crowd. He reached out to the basshead in everyone bringing back some old school and even jumped in with Excision a few times, my favorite being when they played Swagga.

4: Let’s let the video speak for itself. Here are two videos I took of my favorite song by Zomboy called Terror Squad.

Zomboy in Denver

Zomboy in Seattle

If you were lucky enough to go to both shows, be sure to tweet us your thoughts about which city is most deserving of the title of ‘Bass Capital’!

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