New York is home to some of the most influential musicians of all time, particularly in the realm of hip-hop and R&B. Beyond that, New York is also home to a fresh generation of artists who continue to lay down foundations for this already existing legacy to expand. Saint Luxe aims to continue to expand on that legacy.

There are prevalent local gems that are giving it their all and creating a movement (literally and figuratively), around their music. Bed-Stuy born R&B singer and recording artist, Saint Luxe is an essential example of somebody who is apart of this undying force. He takes us on an eclectic journey with the release of his new self-titled EP, “Luxe” produced by Trav F Music.  

About Saint Luxe

True Blue R&B Rockstar Saint Luxe Debuts Powerful Self-Titled EP

  The last 3 years have been a steady ascension in the world of music for Saint. His first album release, ‘RnB Rockstar’, released in 2017, laid down the foundation for his steadily increasing influence. He recently dropped two singles “Dancin” (2019,) and “Nuttin Nu” (2020,) which are featured on his new EP as well. Over the last few years he has toured Europe, opened for artists such as Trey Songz, and received recognition from Tory Lanez.

Of course, he is consistently putting on memorable shows in music venues all over NYC as well. Amidst all of this, he has a tendency to be the life of the party; he’s also a promoter with Run the City Marketing Group. They bring lively energy to clubs all over Manhattan. A jack of many trades, anybody who listens to Saints music HEARS just how multifaceted he is. 

“Luxe” EP

  Within five tracks, Luxe showcases not only his eccentric lifestyle- but musical influences and roots seamlessly. Opening with the song, “Luxe,” one is put on to Saint’s uninhibited ability to not only make you want to move, but listen. While the beats on the EP have a dreamy quality about them, similar to that of RnB, they also have an upbeat pulse; one that makes you want to dance all night and then curl up with your longtime- or newly found lover afterwards. 

Mind you, he doesn’t stop there. For anybody who is a fan of Soca, the heartfelt anthem “All My Love” pays homage to the sounds of the Caribbean. “I can’t love you without trust, it’s gonna take both of us,” he proclaims over a bumping, clean beat. It makes you want slow whine no matter who’s watching. 

True Blue R&B Rockstar Saint Luxe Debuts Powerful Self-Titled EP

On the flip side, that steady, smooth essence of RnB that Saint effortlessly delivers doesn’t waiver. Closing with “Penthouse,” featuring local talent Shaye, his versatility is revealed once more in this catchy, sultry ballad. It takes you exactly to where you should be after a journey through this EP; to a luxurious penthouse. 

One is left with many options when listening to, “Luxe.” One-go to the club, buy bottles, let loose, and embrace the beauty that comes with being young and on the up and up. Or, shower your queen with the admiration and affirmation you so willingly want to give to her. Or-kickback and simply enjoy being apart of something beyond yourself.

There’s no denying that Saint bodies his sound and energy, and that of New York’s, in his new EP. Open yourself up the adventure that is “Luxe”, streaming on all platforms, and keep an eye out for more from this budding artist and entrepreneur.

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