Sam Lachow rounds up another group of the young local talent from the Seattle are for Young Seattle Part 2. If you didn’t see Young Seattle Part I you should check it out at that link, it’s what started this Young Seattle movement. Lachow has been rounding up Seattle’s up-and-coming artists to bring some light onto the talent that the Town has. He’s done a good job assembling various different styles and sounds. It’s great to see that many of the Northwests artists understand that they are going to need to work together to make a broader impact. Here is what Sam Lachow had to say about the video:

I make these Young Seattle videos simply because I am a huge fan of all these artists, and as a fan, I just thought it’d be badass to put them all on one track. My favorite thing about the Seattle hip hop scene is that we don’t have any specific sound. There are so many different types of styles in this little city and yet we all fuck with each other. We’re all part of the same culture. It’s fucking cool.

Here is a list of the cast in order of appearance:

Sam Lachow (@SamLachow)
Gift Uh Gab (@Gifted_Gab)
Nacho Picasso (@NachoPicasso)
Jarv Dee (@JarvDee)
La (@theguyLa)
Raz Simone (@RazSimone)
Grynch (@Grynch206)

The video was shot By Andrew Imanaka,edited By Sam Lachow, and the beat was produced by both Sam Lachow & Kromagnon.