Samurai Del is a name that came on our radar in 2014. We first heard his work alongside Brasco Noir. Since then, I’ve seen productions credits and shout outs from many of Seattle’s young talents. Hodgepodge is the culmination of a year and half of work.

Blends of boom bap, ambient electronic, and pop make up the producer album. A couple instrumentals are intertwined in-between records featuring emcees and singers alike. Most songs sound like they would fit in well on a Majestic Casual playlist. While labeled “Electronic,” I would label the sound as “progressive hip-hop.”

Starting off with the building intro ‘Dojo’s & Sandcastle’s.’ The album builds into a beautiful vocal sample that showcases the depth of the project dropping back to a piano riff. The tone sets a John Wall assist for ‘4 Seasons,’ which should be getting plays all summer in Seattle. Matter of fact the entire album is a perfect joint for the current season. Although you shouldn’t chalk the album up as a down tempo groove. Travis Thompson provides funky vibes on ‘What You Need.’

This is one of the few times I play a joint and am legitimately blown away. I was really digging the sound Samurai has come up with. Check out the project on Soundcloud below.

Samurai Del – Hodgepodge

My Favorite Records

Dojos & Sandcastles

4 Seasons

Summer Rain

The End

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