If you’re a fan of indie-pop and experimental sounds, you’ll love Sarah Schonert. Schonert is an eclectic-electronic musician from Peoria, writing, recording, and producing from her home studio. Songs About Sounds is her fourth official LP and 10th album. Schonert’s work is self-produced, synth-driven, angelic and avant-garde. Additionally, Sarah is creative with many identities. She is also an engineer, designer, and painter. She often infuses pieces of her career and hobbies into her music and how she presents it to the world.

Sarah Schonert states, “I felt like I was really finding my voice with my previous LP (Penguin Party). Since then I’ve released an EP and a holiday album that has been progressing me forward with my instruments and gear. Songs About Sounds features a heavy dose of piano, as is my style, but also some hidden guitar and vintage synths.

“Ain’t No Weight But Your Own” is a departure from using my regular software vocoding, creating the effect completely with hardware. This album truly was quite a joy to create. “Hold You Up” may be my personal favorite as it was ridiculously fun to play and sing, and my son, Auron, offered his little voice at the end of “Waffles Over Pancakes.””

Songs About Sounds Is Available On All Platforms

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