Less than a year after her daughter’s birth, Tracy Ryan‘s daughter Sophie was diagnosed with brain cancer. Outside of chemo and western medicine, Tracy felt there was more she could do. That feeling eventually birthed the Saving Sophie Charity. Tracy and her team have scoured the web for the best articles and information that can help anyone in a similar situation join their journey to save Sophie and kill cancer.

Saving Sophie: Educating And Aiding Cancer Patients With CannabisTen’s-of-thousands of children are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. each year while the government scarcely funds any pediatric cancer research. Tracy and her endeavors to help save her daughter’s life are shared by countless parents around the world. Cannabis could be the piece of the puzzle. While the government may only allocate 3.8 percent of their funding to pediatric cancer research—alternatives have arisen. Over 155 scholarly studies have shown cannabis can kill certain forms of cancer effectively.

Saving Sophie: Educating And Aiding Cancer Patients With CannabisIf cannabis treatments can be implemented medicinally across the U.S. (it’s legal in 23 states) many children’s lives could be saved. The next step is standing behind people like Tracy Ryan and her team at Saving Sophie, who is spearheading this endeavor. Their website takes donations and raises money for families in need of holistic alternatives. You donate directly to aid with the funding of Sophie’s treatment.

Look at everything Tracy and her team are doing to fight a daunting enemy. educates and arms you with the tools you need to join them in the battle against this insurmountable beast. Read up, and join the fight! Watch National Geographic’s full documentary on Sophie’s story and alternative cancer treatments here.

Saving Sophie: Educating And Aiding Cancer Patients With Cannabis Many other passionate women of the cannabis industry like Tracy will be speaking at SXSW this year. Be sure to look into the panels that catch your eye! Find out everything about an event Tracy Ryan has coming up HERE.

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