The video for “Say Whoop” by Sada Baby features a pale Sada roaming around the set, somewhere between sick and loaded. Sada still dribbles out bar after bar and keeps the video interesting. Shot by Jerry Production, the video is a psychedelic experience which ripples with characters and potent editing. It’s evocative of party films in the style of Project X. Yet, instead of containing posers, the frame contains people who go hard. Because of this, the party vibe is much more convincing. 

“Her lil booty only thang gone clap back”

Despite having lower energy than usual, Sada Baby keeps the track filthy. His energy is taking shots while having the flu, or trying to get laid as a zombie. Without trying, Sada Baby proves his prowess yet again with “Say Whoop.” It’s a refreshing shift of energy, bringing out the side of Sada Baby that covered Nickleback on Twitter. Although he’s one of the most lit names in Detroit, there’s a dorky side to Sada Baby like most people out of the city. It’s not always slaughter shit, sometimes we’re just playing. 

“Bout to stop smokin’ squares cuz I’m tired of em, same time started smokin’ squares cuz I’m tired of em”

“Say Whoop” already features some of the leading bars of 2020: “Lil hoe did some weird shit, made me block her.” As usual, the track is packed with lyrical caviar. Typical Detroit features litter the video as Sada grips a cup the entire video, and cousins fill out otherwise empty rooms. The editing is the most exciting thing visually, but Sada does sport some icy red drip for the video. The dancing is fun, and Sada’s energy is infectious. Follow his twitter here. He regularly releases new videos, so make sure to look up “Sada Baby” on YouTube to keep in the loop.

Watch Sada Baby “Say Whoop”

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