Seattle’s pop queen is back with her thought-fragmenting single, “Nowhere To Go.” Scarlet Parke splits the fine hairs of comfort/discomfort with an ambient, hook-laden track that you just get lost in. Like a person lost at sea, “Nowhere To Go” leaves you alone with your thoughts. The production from Steven Trueba aka Alter amplifies these feelings to the utmost extent. These are some of the most vibe-inducing booms and baps from him to-date.

The song pulls you through different emotions like a current, one moment you in a state of bliss. Suddenly, you begin to drop into a darker state as the hook repeats itself over again and you become entranced by the beat. This is a very melancholy track that overall allows for a brief moment of self-reflection that is healthy for the soul. Perfect for a cold day in the PNW that drives you inside for introspective chill-time.

“Nowhere To Go” is only Scarlet Parke’s latest meteoric single that she has blessed us with. She recently dropped her album Flight Risk which was deemed a triumph by even The Seattle Times.

Scarlet Parke – “Nowhere To Go”

Official Audio

“Seattle’s pop album of the summer. Triumphant.”

The Seattle Times

Making her city of Seattle proud, Scarlet Parke continues to progress and impress with her music. With how things have been going for her lately, consider “Nowhere To Go” more of a teaser of what’s to come.

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