Scarlet Parke is a boss. She’s a whiskey drinking, songwriting, performing artist who’s not afraid to go out and build her own brand. She moved to Seattle with dreams of being a singer, and since living here she has made that happen and then some. Utilizing her own connections she created Parke Ave, a networking platform that helps developing artists. Also, she recently decided to try her hand at making pop records. Her single “Moonlight” was well received and now she’s at it again with the new Scarlet Parke single, “Man Like You.”

New Scarlet Parke Single “Man Like You”

The song embraces an embarrassing, yet pretty relatable memory in Scarlet’s life. When you’re fresh out of a relationship and you decide to drink your feelings. It happens to everyone, then they stare at that special name in their phone and either send a text or leave a voicemail. Or if you’re Scarlet, you go to their house in the middle of the night then write a song about it.

She took a drunken episode and turned it into a beautiful song. It features some dope ass latin guitar work from Dimiter Yordonov and fire production work from Jake Crocker. Rumor has it that there’s also a “verrrrry dramatic” music video to accompany this track dropping soon. In the meantime catch up with Scarlet in our exclusive interview below.

A Tea Time Questionnaire With Scarlet Parke

RMR: First and foremost, where is your favorite place to sing?

SP: I love singing in churches. The natural reverb and acoustics are mesmerizing and I grew up singing for my church so I guess it brings me back to when I first starting singing. Very relaxing.

RMR: How do you warm up and prepare for a performance?

SP: Lots of Essentia water, a shot of whiskey, and meditation.

RMR: What’s your favorite song to sing for karaoke?

SP: Haha, oh jeez. Probably “LoveFool” by The Cardigans.

RMR: What inspired you to start Parke Ave?

SP: I’ve always loved events and meeting new people, especially in the music scene, but also wanted to create a place that people can share tips and get honest feedback from people outside of their circle. There’s a lot to learn in the music world and unless you meet the right person, it takes FOREVER to gain the ‘tribal knowledge’ you need to be successful. I hope Parke Ave continues to grow and helps artists.

RMR: What sparked your transition to pop music?

SP: It’s something I’ve always dreamed of but never thought I was the ‘right’ fit. I’m an awful dancer so I guess I was always too scared to embody the pop persona. We’ll see how it turns out haha

Scarlet Parke – Moonlight Music Video
Prod. Jake Crocker

RMR: What gives you the biggest surge of creativity?

SP: Breakthroughs. Good or bad, whenever I push myself outside of my comfort zone it usually procures some creative juices.

RMR: What’s your most memorable performance?

SP: Haha, oh god. Probably my first performance. It was just me and my piano at a little bar in my hometown. I remember being so nervous that I thought I was going to pass out but once I stepped on stage I felt completely calm. Such a cool experience that I still feel today.