A little over a year ago, Washington decided to make marijuana ‘legal’. That decision helped make the emerald city even more of a tourism target. Many first-time smokers and tourists are looking to indulge in a culture that is still illegal and taboo throughout the majority of the world. Just as Amsterdam is a destination point for most stateside smokers heading overseas, Seattle has become its own cannabis hotspot in the Pacific Northwest.

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Our team wants you to have a fun, safe, and memorable cannabis experience when consuming marijuana in Seattle which is why we’ve created a guide for Seattle marijuana users.

Things To Know When Using Cannabis In Washington:

Age Limit: Only Adults 21 and older can purchase and possess cannabis.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis? Marijuana can only be sold at state-licensed retail stores. A Valid State ID or Passport is required to enter the store and most are cash only, so bring it with you or use the ATM provided by the store.

Can I Travel With Cannabis & Is There A Limit I Can Purchase? It is illegal for cannabis to cross state lines and there is a purchase limit for each form of cannabis.

  • Flower- 28 Grams (1oz) (pre-rolls, lose flower)
  • Concentrates- 7 Grams (cartridges, dabs)
  • Liquid-Infused products- 72 0z  (beverages, tinctures)
  • infused edibles – 16 oz (cookies, brownies, candies)

Public Use: It’s Illegal to consume cannabis in public, however, a parking ticket in Seattle is 54$ and a smoking in public ticket is 27$. If you find a chill spot away from children, we think you will be fine.

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

Different Forms That Cannabis Comes In

Edible Products: We suggest you take it slow when eating cannabis, especially if you’re a first time user. Edibles are a completely different high than smoking weed. It’s digested through your liver, so the high takes much longer to kick in. Edibles can take between 5 minutes and 2 hours for them to fully kick in, so be patient and start small. Something with 5 mg is ideal because you can always increase the dose, but not reverse how much you eat.

Seattle Smoking lawsConcentrates: Oils and extracts come in a variety of forms; oils, hashes, waxes, keef and shatter. This form of smoking is much more potent than any other way you can smoke. It’s made by extracting THC and other properties from the cannabis plant.

Seattle Concentrates

Vaporizers: Vaping could be the future of smoking. By using a concentrate and heating it up, but not burning it, users are able to smoke in a discrete way that allows for a clean high. CO2 cartridges are the most convenient way to use a vape pen. Feel free to ask your local budtender about what strain will work best for you.

Seattle Oil Pen


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