The 5th annual Seattle Sound Music Awards ceremony will take place this Saturday the 24th. The event is being held at a private location and KUBE93 as well as FEVER magazine are sponsoring the festivities. On the SSMA website they’ve just put up various “Top 5” lists spanning from artists to content creators and more in the local hip-hop scene.

Some of the names that came up on these top fives are people we work with regularly. Some we’re not as familiar with. The #SSMA18 nominees even include categories such as best barbershop and salon. See what you think of the results below.Scope The Seattle Sound Music Awards Top 5 Nominees For 2018Hip Hop Oscars/Rap (Male) –

  1. Swisher Sleep
  2. Dave B
  3. Chevy Shann
  4. Real Dyl
  5. Sam Lachow
Hip Hop Oscars/Rap (Female) –
  1. Cali Shay
  2. Stas THEE Boss
  3. Gifted Gab
  4. Keasha Beard
  5. DoNormaal
Hip Hop Oscars
(Best Hip Hop Group) –
  1. Tha Flight Boys
  2. Kung Foo Grip
  3. New Track City
  4. Blackberry Bush
  5. The Nitewriters
Best New Artist-
  1. Taye Zooited
  2. Maribased1
  3. Crew Boyz Verse
  4. Endubmexi
  5. Grand Gulla
Best Female Vocalist –
  1. DeChelle Monet
  2. Paris Alexa
  3. Jusmoni
  4. ElleXentric
  5. Rahale Berhe
Best Male Vocalist –
  1. Ellis Thomas
  2. DPH
  3. AirSyne
  4. Will Jordan
  5. Jon Etiquette
Best Band/The Backline Award –
  1. Down North Band
  2. Thadayus and the Electrofunls
  3. E.Pruitt Band
  4. The D1 Experience
  5. The Blacktones
808 Award/Best Producer –
  1. SassyBlack
  2. BaseKidsOnTheBeat
  3. Chris Pack
  4. Teek Punch
  5. Slapp Turner
Mix Master Award/Best DJ –
  1. DJ Kween Kay$h
  2. DJ Rosco
  3. DJ Famous
  4. DJ Xten
  5. DJ Bankhead
Album/Mixtape of The Year –
  1. Eyes Wide Shut | 420Zell
  2. Highway 2 Da Tac | Hwy Ace + Yung Dime
  3. MariBased1 MariOttO #Mixtape #Vol 1 | MariBased1
  4. Gangsta Party | Money Making Prince
  5. The Big Payback | Joey Kash
Blacktop Award/Best Promoter –
  1. Jewels Simos
  2. I.N.K Productions
  3. Shyanna Palmeira
  4. Triangle Offense Marketing Group
  5. Spread The Word Promotions
Buzz City/Best Media Outlet –  
  1. Weekly Volcano
  2. The ReUp
  3. Talk Track Radio
  4. Diva Spot Ent
  5. The Blow Up
House of Hip Hop & RnB/Best Venue –
  1. Bleu Note Restaurant and Lounge
  2. Rumba Notes
  3. ORA Nightclub
  4. Parlor Live
  5. Amber Seattle
Internet Hustler –
  1. BJ&J Entertainment
  2. Dundeal Entertainment
  3. DeeAle
  4. City Boyy
  5. LaLa Entertainment
Dapper Down & Glam Squad Award/Best Barbershop & Best Salon –
  1. Premier Styles Barbershop
  2. Klean Kutz
  3. Eden Salon
  4. Ambiance Beauty Bar
  5. U’nique Stylez Salon and SpaScope The Seattle Sound Music Awards Top 5 Nominees For 2018What do you think of the results? Slide into the comments below with your thoughts on the nominees. Be sure to RSVP to the Seattle Sound Music Awards if you intend to turn up as the weekend is rapidly approaching!