MistaDC has began making serious waves with his recent album release, Sorry We Lost You. The album has already gotten ample praise for its smooth vocal work, unique production, and relatable content. He’ll be performing all this new material and more at Neumos on January 9th for the second annual Seattle World Tour.

Originally from the Tri-Cities, MistaDC has spent his life moving back and forth between there and Seattle. When he’s over here on the west side, he says that he has a soft spot for Capitol Hill. Noting, that he’s performed quite a bit out there, specifically at Barboza and Neumos. “It’s definitely a venue [Neumos] that I’ve not only seen some really dope performances at but having the opportunity to play at both of them a couple times. I feel like they’re some of my best performances,” he said.

MistaDC Live on KEXP

With the upswing of talent getting shine outside of the Puget Sound region, I wanted to talk to MistaDC about what the Seattle scene means to him. It’s a corny question, but everybody has their own unique connection to the community and the city. It’s always interesting to hear a fresh perspective.

For him, he said, “there’s so much talent out here, a lot of growing talent. Seattle definitely has a different sound when it comes to the music or even being involved in the music industry. I know a lot of people see that, but I think people outside of Seattle are starting to appreciate it more, as far as, what it used to be. I won’t say that people never appreciated it before but, because of the time that we live in, social media is changing everything every day. It’s growing every day and it’s giving Seattle all of this opportunity to shine a lot differently and shine better and grow.” 

MistaDC performs at Neumos

Photo via MistaDC’s Facebook

I couldn’t agree more. A number of things have helped like, the rise in streaming services. The fact that phones are now miniature computers in your pocket and you can use them to go viral. These things have all shed a welcoming light on some of our region’s independent artists.

Music hubs around the world tend to impose an overarching genre that’s meant to encompass all of the artists in that region. How do you do that, though, in an environment where multiple genres influence an artist, resulting in a genre-bending infusion of music? On describing the Seattle ‘sound,’ MistaDC said this;

“We make music that describes how you feel. I’m not saying that other cities don’t do that but we like, I guess, since it like rains a lot we really understand how to hit those moments of hardship we know how to do that in a way where it doesn’t reflect hardship anymore. We can turn something that we used to view as hardship into something beautiful.”

Don’t miss the beautiful music that will be made when MistaDC takes the stage at Neumos January 9th. He’ll be performing alongside talented artists like Sendai Era, TeZATalks, All Star Opera, and DJ Marvelous as they raise money for Mary’s Place.