After a somewhat stressful drive through the pass from Spokane, the snow turned to rain as we moved towards Seattle and headed to the venue. The rain started to clear as we made our way into Fremont for the first night of the 2nd Annual Seattle World Tour.

It was perfect weather to smoke a joint outside before heading into Nectar Lounge to watch Biddadat get us off to a funky start for the first night. By the time All Star Opera hit the stage, Nectar was packed and ready for the first of five big energy sets from ASO for the week.

Trick Candles went up next, keeping the funky sound going with a bass-driven 80’s nostalgia vibe that kept the energy flowing. They even brought out a harp to round out the sound. Closing the night was Cuff lynx—an EDM-driven powerhouse-duo with a custom light show that flowed as fast the beats.

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Night 2

Never ones to pass up good gluten-free food, of course we had to start night two at Bok-a-Bok fried chicken next door to Neumos on Capitol Hill. We arrived to every stoners favorite sight, a circle of our friends passing around blunts outside the venue— so the night was already off to a great start.

Neumos was the perfect venue for night two, and Sendai Era set off the night with powerful lyrics detailing stories of Pacific Islander heritage weaved within beautiful vocals and beats from Sendai Mike. Dick’s Drive-In was on hand, throwing out burgers to the crowd between sets.

All Star Opera took the stage with an explosive second night and moved the crowd the way true MC’s do with their blend of hip hop, funk, and jazz. MistaDC was on next and soothed the crowd with silky vocals that make you want to find someone to love. Last up was TeZATALKS who came ready to electrify, entrancing the crowd with dancers and a truly wild performance that brought down the house for night two.

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Night 3

Night 3 brought a sold out show at The Crocodile in Belltown. All Star Opera opened the night with yet another high energy performance that had the crowd “oohing and ahhing” right along to “Building Blocks.”

Next up was Marshall Law Band bringing the positivity perfectly on-brand for the week of charity shows for Mary’s Place. Chris King and the Gutterballs came out and reminded the crowd the value of good rock n’ roll finishing up kicking over their amp and perfectly setting the stage for the high energy hip-hop duo, Kung Foo Grip.


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Night 4

Night 4 at The Central Saloon, All Star Opera came to turn up on an eager crowd, at one of the most historic venues of the week bringing in “the cello babe” Mia to add a classic but funky sound to the mix.

Gypsy Temple brought the Seattle grunge, complete with long haired head banging, and moshing; the crowd was really feeling it. Next up was Tres Lecehes who capped-off the night with a diverse, energetic, rock set dripping with talent and musicality. Last up was Cosmos came dressed to impress and the emotion that flowed from him moved the old saloon in a new age fashion.

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Night 5

Night 5 at The Columbia City Theatre started with talented solo act Whitney Monge, who’s skillful songwriting and guitar playing got everyone in a good mood with a smile on their face. Ralphy Davis was next with heavy trap beats that have a 90’s style twist.

Playing next was the female fronted La Fonda who got the crowd singing along to every word of the incredibly catchy ‘FOMO’. It was pure good vibes by the time All Star Opera took the stage for their 5th and final performance of the week. The crowd was primed and ready for ASO who not only had a stand up bass playing with them again but a sax as well, adding yet another silky layer of sound to an already dynamic group.

It was an overwhelmingly successful and positive week for the Seattle World Tour, and we were beyond happy to get to film it all. In just 5 days RMR and All Start Opera had raised over $8,000 and created 400 shelter beds for Mary’s place, and the Happy Hippies were ready to head back home, until next time.

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When it was all said and done the Respect My Region and All Star Opera crews raised $10,000 for ‘No Child Sleeps Outside.’ Watch the full recap video below!

The Seattle World Tour Recap