The world’s first premium marijuana brand opened it’s flagship store in downtown Seattle’s Sodo district on October 7th. Their grand opening featured the unveiling of Diego Pellicer’s $3600 cannabis cigar along with an impressive selection of Washington State’s most respected marijuana brands.

Providing the finest premium cannabis and delivering outstanding customer service experience is at the center of Diego Pellicer’s core values and it is clear that this first location is looking to set a new standard here in the Seattle cannabis industry.

diego pellicer photo |With so many recreational shops popping up all over Seattle, it has become quite difficult to decide which one is the right place for you to visit. For us, the choice is obvious. When we’re in need of 5-star marijuana, Diego Pellicer offers the best of the best.

When it comes to smoking, Diego Pellicer carries 5 brands who Respect My Region vouches for. Seattle’s Private Reserve, Treehawk Farms, OG Farms, Northwest Cannabis Solutions, and Gold Leaf all consistently produce some of the state’s best cannabis. In my opinion, Diego’s top three strains are Chocolate Thai from Treehawk Farms, as well as Peppermint Cookies and Gorilla Glue IV from Gold Leaf Gardens.

Top Selling Marijuana Charts - Washington State Legal Cannabis

Photo: Dustin Adams via 1Take Studios

The Gold Leaf team is well known throughout the Pacific Northwest for growing some of the finest cannabis, so good in fact that in 2015, Gold Leaf’s Peppermint Cookies strain won ‘Best Hybrid’ for that year’s Dope Cup 2015.

For more concentrated doses of cannabis, Diego also carries Oleum Extracts, Refine / Xtracted, Polar Icetracts, and last but not least, GaGa. If you prefer edibles and beverages, Diego Pellicer is also home to Magic Kitchen, Zoots, Honu, and Ethos Innovates. Each of these brands provides the most consistent experience when oils, extracts or digesting cannabis is someone’s preferred method of consumption.

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RMR’s Recommended Purchase:

FLOWER: Chocolate Thai – Treehawk Farms

EDIBLE or Beverage: Happy Apple Sparkling Cider and/or GaGa’s Juicy

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