Sensei Chop is a rising videographer/ photographer from Atlanta who has worked with some of the biggest stars in hip-hop. A few of these include Kevin Gates, Lil Baby, and Migos. But, even with how impressive his resume as a shooter is, he’s a lot more than that. He also has his hands in the podcast game, clothing, managing artists, and is in the production of an original series and short film. There’s not much he can tell us about it yet but, that journey can be followed on the Sensei Eye Studios Instagram.

His work in photo and film began 3 years ago. Sensei Chop originally came into the game as a rapper under the name Poke Chop. He still drops tracks under his new name and the music is why he got into film making. He got tired of dealing with all the BS around getting a video made and having to rely on other people. So, Chop began making his own videos and taking his own pictures. Specializing in catching that candid moment and after some time he began to receive calls and gain notoriety for his videos and photos.

Sensei Chop And Podcasts

Sensei Chop has a couple of podcasts. A Drug Dealers Dream began in 2017 and has a coinciding clothing line that has been doing well even. The phrase “a drug dealers dream” comes from the idea that the drug dealer’s dream is synonymous with the American dream.

Most people don’t want to sell drugs and put their loved ones at risk with that kind of life. They just want everyone wants, to get ahead and to be able to support their families. The reality is that selling drugs is the last chance effort for many involved in it. While for some, it’s the only way to get out of a hard place and actually profit.

The podcast is currently in a rebuilding mode as the co-host, G (RIP), was murdered just a month after getting married. An episode was released about a month ago and they are working on bringing that back. Now, on a brighter note, Sensei has also been steadily cranking out episodes of his other podcast The Good Friends Podcast. This series is more of a passion project for Chop. He realized he’s become friends with a lot of notable people with a lot to say and sought to give them a platform to chat. He likes to refer to himself as the friend you need not the friend you want.

Sensei Chop And Daygo Fatts

Never one to be short on work. Sensei Chop also manages an artist by the name of Daygo Fatts. The young artist from California has been making a name for himself. With the support of a man like Sensei Chop behind him, he has makings for reaching massive success. His track “Ride Away” has become one of his standout tracks and is the intro song for Sensei Chop’s The Good Friend Podcast.

Sensei Chop: The One-Man Media Machine That's Done Photo/Video Work For Kevin Gates, Lil Baby, Migos, and More

Sensei does a lot but he could never leave music. He is currently in the works of his EP Music To Shoot Too. Ready and excited to make a comeback to that side of things. The music video below sharing the same name as one of his podcasts, “A Drug Dealers Dream,” is a great example of all his talents and endeavors highlighted in one cinematic masterpiece.

Sensei Chop – “A Drug Dealers Dream”

Official Music Video
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