Sergio Michel’s New Hard Rock Double Album ‘Tropical Depression’ Puts A Dystopian Lens On The Current State Of The World

Sergio Michel’s New Hard Rock Double Album ‘Tropical Depression’ Puts A Dystopian Lens On The Current State Of The World

Sergio Michel is a hard rock musician, actor, and public figure that’s headlined nationally at countless eclectic venues. Known globally for his unique abilities with the electric guitar and outlandish performance tactics, Sergio has only been increasing his output in recent years. His newest double album release, Tropical Depression, showcases 19 shorter, yet concise hard rock hits. The dual release serves as Michel’s sonic commentary on the last seven years. His career has progressed, yet the world has fallen into a state of disarray.

2013 was an interesting and busy time for Sergio Michel. He was able to put out his first debut album, Marry Me, Cindy. While simultaneously, he was acting on several soap operas and working with Celebrity Boxing. While also doing the rounds with the radio circuits and talk shows—he was putting a band together.

This brought him to Florida from New Jersey. This move set him on a path to reach calculable success with a working band. He eventually got sick of traveling back and forth between Hollywood for a lot of his acting and musical work. So, in 2015 Michel moved to LA to grow in both respects. 

For the next several years, Sergio Michel became well-known for his roles on Telemundo programs such as “Corazon Valiente,” El Rostro de la Venganza,” and American shows like the MMA-themed drama, “Kingdom.” During this time he was also performing like crazy, taking LA by storm and eventually headlining every venue on Sunset Strip including Whiskey a Go Go and Viper Room. In 2020, Soulfly invited him to perform with them alongside their “The Summoning” North American tour. On the day the tour was done, COVID-19 came. We connected with Sergio to get a more in-depth perspective on his last year.

Back To Florida

Sergio said that after the tour finished, “I kind of saw the writing on the wall once I got back into California. “I’m always making the best decision that suits my career at the time. Where do I need to be to make the next step happen?” Concluding, he said that “because of COVID, I saw I couldn’t do that in California.” So he went back to Florida. It was here he took roost in Palm Beach to finish the album with his drummer Rob Tucker.

 “You can do shows in Florida. Venues haven’t shut down.” He said that spots are open at 50% capacity. This shows that local Floridian venues are hanging on and still offering a stage to perform. Sergio was able to throw a release party in Palm Beach recently and connect with some of his fans. 

Sergio told us why he felt the need to put out a 19-track double-disc release. He said “I went for an album because you can’t erase that. Nobody is putting out a giant album.” Adding on, he said “I just don’t believe in the current trends in music.” Michel is striving to bring back the idea of owning something from an artist again. The double record comes with hand-drawn drum charts, the lyrics (of course,) and a lot of edgy photos. 

Sergio said, “they could delete Facebook, they could delete YouTube. You can’t cancel a physical product, you can’t cancel a record.” Never shying from speaking his mind, Sergio’s new album offers palpable social commentary. “All of Tropical Depression is an observation of society from the timeline of 2013-2020,” he said.


The lead single off of Tropical Depression is Sergio’s high-energy hard rock hit, “Subhuman.” With driving distorted riffs and aggressive drums, Michel chronicles the plight of the proletariat living in places like Hollywood. He explores the common story of working-class families living paycheck-to-paycheck and being one late payment away from losing it all. The quirky animation for the video only adds to the sardonic tone of the music.

Tropical Depression Available Everywhere

Tropical Depression is now available on all streaming platforms with unique physical copies also for sale. Enter the chaotic mind of world-renowned hard rock guitarist and person-of-interest, Sergio Michel. With no intention of stopping, Sergio is planning a tour in 2021, and the most effective ways to keep melting faces with his signature style of fast and hard rock. Listen below and find out why people still complain even when the sun’s out every day.

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