On Saturday, May 12th, Seven Lions performed part one of his newest event series “Chronicles” at WaMu Theater which sold out briefly before the start of the show.

When I reached the theater, I was met with long lines of anxious fans waiting to get inside for Seven Lions’ opening “Observatory” set, the first of two stylistically opposing sets he would be playing that night.

Even though the lines were pretty long getting in, I would say that this probably had to do more with the dreadful Seattle traffic and road work on I-5, and thus people’s late arrival to the show. Since doors opened a half hour before the start of the event, I can’t really blame the venue or staff for the long lines.

Subsequently, I made it Inside WaMu Theater and hastily made my way to the stage where I became encapsulated in great crowd vibes, excellent music, and event organization and production that was even better than last years Seven Lions show at WaMu. I enjoyed the decorations and layout of the event which provided the perfect Seven Lions’ “Chronicles” mantra for all to enjoy.Seven Lions Performs Sold Out "Chronicles" Show At WaMu Theater

“Curating a line-up that delves into all corners of his influences and tastes – with acts from the worlds of trance, bass music, and psy respectively – Chronicles will also see Seven Lions play two contrasting sets to bookend the event’s musical journey.” – Seven Lions Chronicles

With a diverse artist selection like Kill The Noise, Liquid Soul, Jason Ross, and Seven Lions, there were people coming to this show with different tastes and varying levels of excitement for each artist. While everyone there was thrilled to see the main performance, many fans that I met in the crowd were frantic about Jason Ross, and some were especially looking forward to seeing Kill The Noise and Liquid Soul.

Seven Lions Performs Sold Out "Chronicles" Show At WaMu Theater

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As the night went on, fans bore witness to everything from house to trance, progressive, and finally, a psytrance finale that amped up the energy and brought the night to a peak that left us all moved. Singing along to chants of “Higher Love,” “Calling You Home” and other memorable lyrics that resonated through the crowd, I felt at one with the audience in a way that only happens at the most outstanding performances. It was truly a memorable night and an awe-inspiring first installment of the chronicles event series.

Seven Lions went on to perform an incredible sold-out afterparty event at Foundation Nightclub B2B with Dimibo, proving that he has yet to fall short on his diehard Seattle fanbase. There were also some other Seven Lions oriented celebrations going on that night, such as “Luna Ultima,” an unofficial Seven Lions afterparty at The Underground, hosted by Safe Escape Events.

Without a doubt, the vision that Seven Lions has brought to life with his unique compositions and specially cultivated events has brought waves of inspiration and awe to his Seattle fans. It was truly a special night for us all, and I cannot wait to be a part of the next Chronicles installment!

Stay Tuned For Seven Lions Chronicles: Part II