Seven Lions, Wooli and Trivecta have all been enjoying success in their numerous releases this past year, and their latest track “Island” just adds to their arsenal of hits. The long-anticipated track has been played at several sets in the past few months, so “Island” should sound familiar to fans of the three collaborators.

This hot new single combines some of the best elements from the three producers. “Island” marries Seven Lion’s keenness for an ethereal, magical touch to Wooli and Trivecta’s more high-energy, filthy vibes.

In case you missed it, Wooli and Trivecta dropped a single called “Falling” in 2018 that gives listeners a taste of what they sound like as a duo. You can listen to “Falling” here. By adding Seven Lions into the mix, “Island” takes on the magical, other-worldly quality that fans love about his tracks.

Vocalist Nevve delivers an incredible vocal performance for “Island,” elevating the track past the production quality alone. Her vocals are nothing short of breathtaking, as she makes the wide-ranged melody seem effortless.

“Island” is nearly perfect, save for the second drop. About midway through the track, the mystical vibe of the track is broken with an out-of-place, heavy dubstep drop that shatters the mood. Without this drop, the track is compositionally gorgeous. But as it stands, the whole mood of the track goes sour about halfway through. The vibe is barely recovered with the third drop near the end.

Overall, “Island” is a strong track that just suffers a bit towards the middle. Though the track has its pitfalls, it’s still a shining accomplishment for all of the artists involved in its production. We’re sure to hear this one in festivals and raves throughout the whole year of 2019.

Listen to “Island” below and let us know what you think – do you think the second drop messes with the vibe of the song? Or are you down with that gritty dubstep sound? Let us know in the comments!

Seven Lions, Wooli, Trivecta – “Island”