You know those songs that feel like they’re tickling your brain? When you plug in, it’s like you’re transported into your own blissful techno dreamscape? Well, I’ve been compiling a brief list of some artists that have been stirring up that feeling for me recently. 

This list of seven electronic artists has been really fueling my inner fire. Maybe they’ll do a little something for you too. It’s an eclectic mix of dreamy experimental butter-some techno, house, breakbeat, club, and whimsical bass from my current rotation of powerful, inspirational artists. 

LSDXOXO (New York / Berlin)

To say LSDXOXO evokes emotion is well…an understatement. This iconic New York producer graces us with an eclectic collection of dark moody techno with fierce avant-garde melodies and vocals. Currently making waves in Berlin, LSDXOXO is paving a bold path of inspiration and experimentation. 

Octo Octa (New Hampshire)

Photo by Jeffery McMahan

Whether it’s breakbeat, house, or techno, Octo Octa is consistently creating melodic auditory masterpieces. Lustful beats that both soothe and electrify. Weaving together intricate, entrancing beats of gentle celebration, she’s paving a unique path for herself in the East Coast electronic scene. 

Nikki Nair (Knoxville, Tenn.)

Throw on some Nikki Nair, and you’re sure to find yourself moving along to his uplifting breakbeat and techno soundscape. This Tennessee producer and DJ intertwine captivating vocal experimentation with melodious drum beats. He takes you on an emotive auditory journey. Be sure to keep an eye out for his newest release, Singular Vectors, dropping June 26. 

VXO (Connecticut) 

The dark and dreamy ambient beats coming from Connecticut producer VXO, bring you on a voyage of synthy magic and euphoric vocals. VXO combines experimental Baltimore club beats with gentle jungle and techno undertones. The unique sense of expression coming from this multidimensional artist is captivating- interlacing the soft and simple with the complex. Their newest release on Bandcamp, Yes You Are, is a perfect ambient reflection of their experimentation with raw emotion.

Huxley Anne (Los Angeles) 


This Los Angeles based, multi-dimensional artist produces a dreamy collection of dark, experimental bass. Huxley Anne’s Facebook biography really says it all…“I’m a clairvoyant k-pop miscreant, or a liquid wax aboriginal broomstick riding free base electric sorceress, or a nu-disko art porn nymphet depending on my mood.”

Sepehr (San Francisco)

Sepehr’s sound explores the realm of experimental, psychedelic house, and techno. Sepehr’s emotive soundscape engulfs you in a peaceful world of left-field techno and captivating house melodies. The San Francisco based producer throws down dark and entrancing beats intended to invoke movement and connection with the body and mind.

Ariel Zetina (Chicago)

Ariel Zetina is making waves in the Chicago queer club scene. With techno, jungle and club influence, this innovative producer explores the complexities of sound and emotion through captivating beats. Her recent album, MUA’s at the End of the World, embodies her passions for techno intertwined with the influence and power of make-up as symbol of armor. 

While I can attempt to convey the power radiating from the unique expression of each of these seven artists, I’ll likely fail to do them justice. To get a better understanding, you’ll need to do a little exploring of your own.

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