Cannabis is a substance that when used properly, can lead to mind-blowing sex. Depending on how well you know your strains, users get the option of picking something that can give you the best sex of your life! We’re excited to share the love with some helpful information about “sex strains” that are known to improve people’s sex lives.

Smoking weed before sex can give you an energetic boost to keep you ‘on top’ of your game and keep you laser focused, or intensify your body high and make every touch feel like ecstasy. There is a fine line however and the wrong joint could induce a sex coma so it’s important to do your research if you are looking to keep your partner satisfied.

After doing research on various strains on, I have compiled a list of green goodness that you and ‘bae’ can investigate for some better-than-normal bump and grind time.

— Durban Poison —

Cannabis Sex StrainPick your poison! Maybe Durban Poison? Originating from the South African port of Durban, this strain is my #1 recommended sativa sex-strain because of it’s uplifting and high energy effect. It also carries creative notes which is always positive when it comes to intimacy.

This strain’s oversized resin glands make it perfect for concentrate extractions. In flower form it is chunky with round buds and is known to streamline your focus.

— Green Crack —

Cannabis Sex Strains

Green Crack aka Green Cush is as pure of a sativa as they come. It is known to aid with focus and can provide lots of energy. Often used to combat fatigue, stress and depression, this strain contains a fruity, tangy flavor with hints of mango.

I would recommend this as a daytime sex-strain because the energy it provides will probably make it hard to get some shut-eye. Perfect for a little afternoon delight 😉

— Granddaddy Purple — 

Cannabis Sex Strians
I have always enjoyed Granddaddy Purple in general because I personally love indica strains. Typically used for pain, muscle spasms, stress, appetite loss, and insomnia, GDP will have you feeling extremely relaxed and happy and ready for some romance.

Granddaddy Purple is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, and has grape and berry aromas. Snow-like crystal resin typically covers the bud and is known to give users a euphoric body high unlike any other.

— Ultimate Trainwreck — 

Cannabis Sex Strains
Don’t let the name scare you away. This sativa has an incredibly powerful arousal effect and has a overwhelming body high.

Ultimate Trainwreck will give you a buzz that you and your partner will not forget, but be warned – this is not the kind of bud you want to smoke if you are looking to keep a clear head. I would recommend this strain when you and your love are planning a different kind of romantic evening in.

— Purple Princess — 

Cannabis Sex Strains
Purple Princess is a cross between Cinderella 99 and Ice princess. Known as a hybrid that will leave you feeling energetic and creative,Purple Princess is the best option to give you a little creative boost where the magic happens. Plus, every girl’s favorite color is purple, well at least mine is.

While it may not leave you couch-locked, be careful, this strain is known to creep up on you with a high that hits like a ton of bricks. Leafly describes this strain as fruity and skunky and is typically used to relieve stress and depression.

— Sour Dream —

Cannabis Sex Strains
Sour Dream is a cross of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, two strains that have a mind blowing effect. It has a strong, sour, fuel-like aroma that comes from the Diesel side and is sure have you floating on Cloud 9 with its fun, energetic effects.

This strain hasn’t reached the mainstream about before but is sure to send you and your partner to a whole new level.

— Dutch Treat — 

Cannabis Sex Strains
Last, but not least, we recommend Dutch Treat if you are truly looking kick start your sex drive. This is another classic strain that is sure to get those juices flowing.  Known to help with mental focus this treat also comes with a pleasant body buzz.

Dutch Treat is sure to leave nothing by the wayside and is really one of those ‘you can have it all’ strains. It is known to have an earthy smell and the full aroma includes tones of sweet fruits mixed with pines and eucalyptus trees. This strain was also voted one of the most popular strains in 2016.

Marijuana is great inside and outside of the bedroom, but it is important to remember that everyones’ body chemistry is different. Although these strains are intended to increase the quality of your sweet love making, they can have different effects on people so always smoke responsibly. While I’m lecturing,  also practice safe sex!