I’ve always had a neutral opinion when it came to dabs, sure they’re an effective way to get super stoned super fast, but so are knife hits. Shangri-La from Sticky Budz is a very mellow Honeycomb Oil. A 60/40 Sativa dominant strain, Shangri-Law provided a great mood boost while also providing wonderful feelings of relaxation and happiness, it was everything a dab should be without the overpowering “Oh shit, I’m fucked” effect.

The taste was sweet and it smoked really smooth. The oil was in a block form and easily broke apart to get a good sized dab without getting stuff on my fingers or completely destroying the product.

After taking my first dab, I felt my mind start to wander when I did not have a task to focus on, but once I was able to focus, I was not easily distracted. My mood was quickly elevated and I forgot about all of the stress that had accumulated throughout the day. At times I felt like I would have easily spiraled into an uncontrollable fit of the giggles, but I found myself drawn to being outside more than sitting around staring at a screen, especially after taking a second dab. I wanted to be outside. I felt the need for an adventure after smoking Shangri-La, had I planned ahead I would have wanted to smoke this on a Sunday when I need to be productive, not on a Monday when unwinding after work is all I want to do.

Shangri-La Cannabinoid Breakdown

THCA: 76.80%

CBD: .37%

Total Cannabinoids: 81.00

Total Terps: 4.90

Shangri-La is available at Sweet Leaf Cannabis in Aberdeen, Washington, a perfect stop if you are on your way to the beach for a clam tide.