This past weekend I spent a decent amount of time with a good homie of mine who goes by the name of Sharps. We were out at Paradiso talking about music and I was telling dude about how much his music really slaps. He’s been putting out slapper after slapper, banger after banger, and truthfully he’s become my new favorite producer coming out of Seattle.

“I’m not saying he’s the best ever but he’s definitely got bangers that will slap your face off #bruh.”@therealjayping

Check out his latest production featuring Jam Aunni. The hood probably doesn’t go crazy to Tech N9ne anymore but I’m sure a shiiii ton of trap heads will still get ratchet to this! Follow Sharps on twitter @winsonsharps and if you don’t follow him on soundcloud already you’re a buster w/ bad taste in music. JK but not really..

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