Shawn Archer, the Philadelphia native and member of the renown record label SKE Records sits down with Respect My Region for an exclusive interview. In the interview, Archer discusses what sparked his musical career, his biggest inspirations and what’s to come in the near future. Do yourself a favor and be on the lookout for the Philadelphia artists next moves. His records are being played and word is getting out about his talent. For more information on Shawn Archer, catch up with him on Instagram. His music is on all streaming services so be sure to grab his latest song “Hustler’s Prayer.”

Exclusive Shawn Archer Interview

*This interview was edited for clarity*

RMR: What sparked your interest in building out a musical career?

SA: Every since the first time I heard hip-hop I knew I wanted to be apart of it. From the way it sounds all the way down to the way you express yourself it will always be apart of who I am. It’s sort of like therapy for me so I will always do it no matter what.


RMR: Growing up in Philly, what influence has the city of Philadelphia had on you and your music?

SA: Everything! From the words I use to the way I dress. I feel like the way you grow up shapes who you are as a person and with music it’s just an extension of who I am so being from Philly definitely plays a major part in everything you see from me.


RMR: Who has been the biggest musical inspiration for you?

SA: Mase has been my biggest inspiration, The reason why is because when I first started rapping I use to rap like whoever was hot at the time, and when Mase came out I realized I could be myself cause it was the first time I seen someone who had a similar style to who I was as a person. Even though I am a student of the game and have many artist that has influenced me, I would say Mase because he introduced to being myself as an artist.


RMR: If there’s another artist out there that you seem to share musical similarities with, who would it be?

SA: Like I said prior I am a student of the game so it’s a lot of artists I share similarities with, but to name a few I will say Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Yo Gotti. I can see us making some dope records together.


RMR: How have your latest singles been going? “Catching Feelings”, “Hustler’s Prayer” – Have you been getting the response you’ve been hoping for?

SA: Yes. the response has been great! from having my songs played in the club and radio to the numerous comments I get on social media it always feels good to get feedback on your art because at the end of the day that’s what we do it for.


RMR: What should we look for in the near future? Any singles, projects, or videos in the pipeline?

SA: Yes you can expect all of the above new music, new videos just new content I will never stop!

Shawn Archer – “Catchin’ Feelings”