Nelson Mandela Day is fast approaching this Saturday, July 18th. Shimza, South African DJ, has decided to play music this Saturday on Robben Island. This is one of the two sites where Mandela spent time behind bars. Certainly, Shimza has decided to perform to honor and pay tribute to one of South Africa’s brightest faces.

Nelson Mandela is a renowned figure who influenced South Africa’s government and economy forever. Above all, Mandela was fearless in his attempt to overthrow his racially segregated country and end institutionalized racism. Mandela envisioned a new path for his government– one of equality.

Eventually, he was prosecuted for leading a campaign that attacked the existing government and was sentenced to life in prison. Conversely, he was set free after 27 years due to growing racial tensions. Shimza wishes to honor his legacy with an incredible Livestream performance.

Shimza – One Man Show 7/18

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Shimza is one of Africa’s leading global afro house DJ’s climbing charts at an exponential rate. However, he is also a philanthropist and his upcoming set on Robben Island is for charity. All proceeds that come from his show will be split between three notable organizations. These include The Kolisi Foundation, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, and The Shimuzic Foundation.

Shimza, real name Ashley Raphala, hosts an annual one man show event to raise money for underprivileged children and South Africa causes that are close to his heart. His upcoming performance will make history as the first artist to Livestream from Robben Island.

In addition, Shimza is promoting a new way for children to consume media—through music. This performance serves as a reminder of the past hardships of South Africa, how far the country has come, and what work still needs to be done. The Livestream will take place from 16:00-18:00 Central European Summer Time. This translates to 7am PST, Saturday morning.

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