SiR has dropped a new single “Rapper Weed” featuring Boogie. Over the last few years, both artists have been heavily representing the west coast. For SiR, he’s signed to TDE and has been doing his thing with other artists signed to his label along with other projects. In 2019, he released his album titled Chasing Summer. In 2020, he looks to expand on what he’s created in the previous year. For Boogie, the Compton-based rapper released his critically acclaimed album Everythings For Sale back in 2019 as well. Both artists create a strong duo that has provided a memorable collaboration.

One of the biggest highlights with the new single is the crisp production throughout. From the punching kicks to the tight snares, it accents the catchy-filtered lead heard above. The memorable vocals that SiR provides throughout are highly memorable, as his melodic flows define the song. Boogie also does his thing but provides a harder and more monotone rap compared to SiR. Regardless, both artists complement one another well and have created another hit.

Their latest single is definitely representing the west coast and offers many different looks. Both artists are definitely making a name for themselves, and it’s great to see them teaming up on “Rapper Weed”

SiR – “Rapper Weed”