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Skatey P Showcases Mature Artistic Capabilities On New Album “Skatey Hawkins Tolo” | Word Around the Sound

Word Around the Sound is… Skatey P is throwing his own Skatey Hawkins Tolo dance and has just released the soundtrack to match.

Traditionally, the Sadie Hawkins dance is one where the stereotypical roles are reversed, and women will ask men to be their date. Historically, these types of dances have become synonymous in the Pacific Northwest with the Chinook word, Tolo, which means to win or to earn. In his most recent album release, Skatey P befittingly titled the project Skatey Hawkins Tolo, which to me, reflects the years of hard work and dedication to his craft that has won over his audience and earned himself respect across the Pacific Northwest. 

Skatey Hawkins Tolo album by Skatey P | Word Around the Sound

When diving into the album, I feel that it is best listened to through headphones or in your car. Not only are the songs great for cruising around the city, but the intimacy that the car or your headphones brings to the experience allows you to really appreciate the intricate details throughout. Whether it be Skatey’s impeccable and witty wordplay, or the subtle nuances that Gunior the Godfather layers into each beat, there’s something intriguing in every song.

Some of the highlights throughout the album are Divine Augustine’s sweet, sweet vocals in the beginning, then there’s tracks like “Rollin’” where Skatey P glides down the beat with a bouncy flow that rolls right into a smooth chorus before he hits the second verse. On the song “Checc,” he got both Polyester the Saint and Gifted Gab to lay down a verse making for one of the coldest triple plays I’ve seen in a while. Later in the album, you find songs like “Hoochie” where both Skatey and Darius pop shove-it, flip it, and grind their way through the track.

Overall, Skatey Hawkins Tolo is a brilliant showcase of how far Skatey P has come in his artistry. It has a nice blend of modern approaches and classic deliveries that give it more of a timeless sound that will transcend the current moment and most likely become a cherished part of any fan’s collection for life.  

Skatey P – Skatey Hawkins Tolo

Evngeo (Evan George) – I Woke Up This Morning

Evan George is a producer, engineer, and a drummer. Known for his band In Aisle Eight, he recently released his debut album I Woke Up This Morning, where the producer has taken center-stage as the star of the show. 

On tracks like, “Velvet,” and the closing, “Masterpiece,” Evan’s production skills are highlighted, showing how he can compose an instrumental that tells a story on its own. To spice things up, however, throughout the album he has curated a roster of featured vocalists who add more texture to his songs. I live to hear the contrast between Oblé Reed and mackenzie turner on “Your Love.” The track “Sunday,” which features rising rapper Yonny, lifts me up with pride. Meanwhile, the collaborative song “I Woke Up,” along with the following, “This Morning” which features the incomparable Esteelo, feed my soul and leave me feeling full.

I Woke Up This Morning is refreshing on the ears and an incredible debut from Evan. I highly recommend following him, as well as his band In Aisle Eight and quite frankly every single artist featured on this album, as they are obviously helping to carry the torch and define the next era of the Seattle music scene.

Topp – Life’s Crazy

Topp has been working on and teasing the release of his EP Life’s Crazy for quite a while now and the wait and anticipation was more than worth it. This collection of tracks is intoxicating to listen to, and really highlights the well-rounded talents that Topp has as an artist. As well, I feel like the pace at which he crafted this project reflects in all of the polished aspects from tracklist curation to his choice of featured artists, there’s not one detail out of place throughout.

For this EP, Topp linked up with some producers to help him round out his sound but ultimately, he had his hands in the production throughout the entirety of the album. The larger-than-life opening track, “Life’s Crazy” kicks down the door and makes Topp’s presence known in an aggressive manner. However, as the EP plays out you get to see all of his different sides with some softer, more somber moments, as well as a variety of vocal tones and delivery styles to keep your ears guessing with every song.  

J’von – Dream Surfer 2

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard anything from our Dream Surfer hero J’von, but the new DLC pack just dropped and the new additions to the story line are incredible. The adventure he has been on hasn’t quite been what he expected though. Throughout Dream Surfer 2, J’von reflects on his world as a creative, as a father, and as a confused human being. 

On the surface, Dream Surfer 2 is seemingly light-hearted with some of its playful 8-bit style beats and its cartoon graphics. However, J’von is here delivering some stank-face inducing, heavy-weight bars that make me absolutely disgusted in the best fucking way possible. I mean, homie got a verse from Roc Marciano on the standout track “Stone,” which should tell you how hard this album is. “Fortress,” “S.P.W.M.,” “Whiskey Sours” and “No Envy in the DMs” are also major standouts for me, but the album is best experienced listening from the top down.  

Currently, you can only listen to Dream Surfer 2 by going to J’von’s website and purchasing the album directly from him, which I highly recommend you do because this album is absolutely worth every penny.

1600° Burns – Lewie

What I’ve always loved about Lewie is the sincerity in his music. In a market that is oversaturated in recycled bars and plug and play beats, Lewie capitalizes on the modern sounds but stays true to himself at the core of the music. This allows him to create a sound that can capture the attention of the masses while still pleasing the toughest of critics. His EP 1600° Burns, produced by Joe Don, is a quick little peek into who Lewie is as an artist right now, as well as who he is as a person.

Blake Anthony – “SATURN”

Blake Anthony is in his celestial being era right now, taking us across the galaxy to hear his new track, “SATURN,” with production from DJ Grumble and GUHBS. In the music video he blends reality with AI programming to create a stellar universe that helps you float along with the track. Join Blake on his journey as he reminisces about living at his mother’s home in Topeka, Kansas with his brother Ashley.  

Cherry Ferrari – “Night Before”

I’ve become a big fan of Cherry Ferrari. They’re so young and so ready to experiment and explore their sound and musical capabilities to the fullest. Oftentimes, their music comes with a positive, upbeat tempo that carries the youthful energy that they exude. In their latest offering, “Night Before,” they give us a fun synth-filled house track that inspires an insatiable thirst to dance. Along with the dressed-up version, Cherry Ferrari also gave us a stripped-down acoustic version that slaps just as hard.

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