Skrillex just dropped his remix of Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode,” and fans have mixed opinions. After dropping “Agen Wida” with Joyryde last month, fans of Skrillex were expecting nothing less than a straight banger. However, what he delivered was not to his usual standards.

To preface, “Sicko Mode” is a bizarre track to begin with. Some people have described it as this generation’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” because of its eccentric lyrics and the tempo change near the beginning. “Sicko Mode” has been hugely popular with hip-hop fans because of its creativity. So, one would expect that Skrillex’s track would be equally out-of-this-world.

However, what Skrillex delivers sounds like a mashup of 5-6 different edits of the track. The result is a soundscape that is pure chaos, sounding as if Skrillex didn’t know how to remix the track, so he just threw different effects at it to see what stuck.

One of the first comments on YouTube says: “The beginning sounds like when you leave [two] tabs with different songs on at once.” Reddit seems to agree.




The song seems to finally pick up some sort of rhythm around the halfway mark, where it abruptly descends into a heavy, Skrillex-style drop and catchy bassline. But then, around the 3:10 mark, the sound changes again, remaining more chill for the rest of the track.

Add in some gun-cocking sound effects and a handful of snares and that’s essentially it.

So, what could be better about it? Most comments I’ve read hone in on that sweet spot around the halfway mark, where you hear the only big drop of the song. If the rest of the track had stuck to a style similar to what was done around that drop, this could have been a great EDM rendition of “Sicko Mode.” Good thing we have the Crankdat remix, which EDM fans praising as the better track.

Give Skrillex’s “Sicko Mode” remix a listen below and let us know what you think. Is this a win in your book? Or are you equally unimpressed?

Travis Scott, Skrillex – “SICKO MODE” (Skrillex Remix)