A lot of cannabis grows are based in Seattle, but how “Seattle” are they really? Sky High Gardens is a Tier-three producer/processor nestled in an unsuspecting building in the middle of SoDo District, right next to Starbucks HQ. They’re Seattle as fuck.

We arrived with coffee in hand and were greeted by owner and operator Phil Seda. Right alongside him was his dog Summer who lit up the office in the front of their building. He offered us a seat on his couch and it felt like we had just arrived at an old friend’s house.

Respect My Region Tours Sky High Gardens

The tour began as Phil walked us through the growing process from seed to sale, showing us everything from the babies to the mothers. No matter what stage in the process these trees had to be getting more beauty sleep than Snow White; they were stunningly gorgeous. Big frosty nugs with vibrant leaves that were praising their luminescent God.

Sky High Gardens Teaches RMR How To Burp Cannabis And Press Rosin

Shot by Dyllyn Greenwood

My personal favorite strain is their Pineapple Chunk. Pineapple, Cheese, and Skunk #1 all crossed together to create a funky, fruity, mind-bending indica-dominant high. Sky High perpetually harvests, so there were pounds of this delightful cultivar curing in glass jars and stainless steel containers.

Sky High Gardens takes pride in their 45-day minimum cure process. They utilize Boveda packs to maintain the perfect humidity to allow the curing to happen. Well cured cannabis creates a smoother smoking experience because in an ideal environment the harsh chlorophyll molecules in the plant will break down. The precious nugs are kept in pristine condition for the consumer by packaging to order.

Sky High Gardens Teaches RMR How To Burp Cannabis And Press Rosin

Shot by Dyllyn Greenwood

When we ventured up into the packaging department we found the resident rosin tech, Jake Rosner, who also happens to own Black Label Cannabis. Already surrounded by patties, he was prepping a fresh bag of their Pineapple Chunk to press in front of us. Watching the oils drip out onto the parchment made me drool. Just thinking about smelling those fresh terpenes is giving me some serious cravings.

After I left Sky High Gardens, I was feeling giddy. Their facility was welcoming, neat, and cozy. The appreciation for every aspect of the plant was admirable, and Phil was so knowledgeable he provided a very educational tour. Plus, did I mention his dog, Summer?