Dosidos and Purple Punch are two cannabis strains that have earned a lot of shelf space in Washington’s recreational market. Each one has special traits that make them popular, but they both share maybe the most important factor. Each one is known as a knockout artist and these strains are known to put users on the canvas quickly. When you combine them, you get the Slurricane strain, another cultivar that challenges you to keep consciousness.

The first thing I noticed about the flower was how dense each nug was. It took real force to break apart each flower to reveal an interesting terpene profile of heavy gas and creamy berries. While the smoke didn’t taste like anything special other than a smooth earthy flavor, the high stood out.

Immediately calming. After one small bowl, it was evident that my brain was slowing down. Once the second and third bowls set in, there was a heavy body high settling in my chest and my attention span was meandering like a sloth through the jungle. The Slurricane strain is aptly named because it’s easy to see how your mouth could fail at any moment after dipping into your eighth one too many times.


  • THC: 21.02%
  • CBD: 0.12%

Slurricane Strain Overview


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Fifty Fold - Slurricane
Product Appeal8.8
Color 9.2
Smell 8.4
Would You Recommend?7.7