Smartweed Collective is a commendable cannabis dispensary operating in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area since 2006. They have an innate knowledge of California cannabis culture that is well met by their vast menu of the highest quality cannabis products. With outstanding patient care and customer service, they are able to cater to the needs of any cannabis consumer that walks through their doors. To better serve the public, they even will deliver directly to your residence. 

After over a decade of being in operation, Smartweed Collective has completely streamlined its operation. You’ll find complete expediency and professionalism from any of their staff when carrying out a purchase. As honest harbingers of cannabis culture in LA, they’re also members of the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA.) Smartweed plays a meritoriously active role in the way that local and state cannabis policies come to fruition. 

Taking a quick look at their online menu will reveal almost any type of cannabis product you’ve been searching for, not to mention the praiseworthy brands that make them. Health and wellness products line their shelves alongside all of your favorite edibles, flower, concentrates, and cartridges. Customers are readily able to visit the store seven days a week anywhere from 9am-10pm.

Smartweed has been able to reach near-full vertical integration in Los Angeles County. In addition to their dispensary and delivery service, they also grow their own name-brand onsite. This will explain the layer of loud aromas that you’ll immediately pick up when entering their spot.

If you’re unable to make it into the store or short on time, feel free to call or text Smartweed to set up an order for delivery or pick-up. You’ll find any purchasing endeavor from them to be equally as quick and easy as the other. If you have the chance to make it into Smartweed’s dispensary, prepare to leave with a smile on your face and exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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First-Rate Brand Selection

Perusing Smartweed’s menu will show you how much respect they have in California’s industry. Near-celebrity brands like Top-Shelf Cultivation, Buddies Brand, Wonderbrett, Alien Labs, Connected Cannabis Co., Ember Valley, and THC Design fill their menu. Their flower menu is so expansive that it’s hard to nail down just one item you’d want to pick up.

June Raffle!

Smartweed Collective is actually running a special raffle at their store this month to give their customers something to celebrate about. Several brands such as Connected Cannabis Co., Alien Labs, Hotbox, Califari, Bloom, Lime, and ROVE have made gift baskets for winners. To enter the raffle, simply buy a product from one of the previously mentioned brands. They’ll be announcing the winner on the first of next month. So, stop in and pick up a product from one of your favorite brands to get a chance to win a sweet array of prizes from them before the end of the month!

Product Recommendations

There are so many different options within each category of Smartweed Collective’s menu that you never have to worry about price. They literally have something available for every price range. For cartridges, there’s always a solid guarantee of flavor and full-spectrum potency in Buddies Brand’s Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin. Smartweed currently has Buddies’ Granddaddy Purple in their Liquid Diamonds Live-Resin 510 thread carts. Delicious grape and herbaceous flavors await from this legendary sedative strain.

For flower, it’s hard for me to find a pre-roll that does the job. I’m very familiar with the strength of Top-Shelf Cultivation’s creations. Their Whoa-Si-Whoa still haunts me with its complex aromas and pleasantly contrasting flavors. Smartweed has a Do-Si-Dos pre-roll from Top-Shelf that I know would properly represent the strain and give a full range of its potentially blissful relaxation.

When it comes to edibles, there’s a Sleepytime Sublingual Drops from AbsoluteXtracts that is looking very attractive to me. I have trouble sleeping (who doesn’t?) and am always looking for more natural ways to wind down. This tincture is especially intriguing to me because it contains 450mg of THC. This suckerpunch of THC makes me believe the effects might be very fast-acting. It comes in 15ml bottles to give you a solid amount of usage before it runs out.

The topical selection at Smartweed is praiseworthy. They have an equally powerful Deep Relief Topical from Liquid Flower that caught my eye. In addition to potentially penetrating deep into sore muscles to provide relief, this topical might also help with psoriasis, arthritis, even bug bites. I’d be very curious to see how many favorable applications I could find for this topical that comes with a whopping 440mg of THC in it.

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