I stopped drinking coffee 3 years ago. I’ll have a cup of straight black coffee a few times a year, but I don’t really drink-a-the-java. Instead, I reach for some fine rolled cannabis to either perk up my day or regroup my energy. A lot of people I interact with question cannabis usage and my lifestyle. Smoking weed and being productive, can they coexist?

I don’t smoke all day everyday, but I use cannabis regularly and put in work. At the very least my day goes as follows: Little toke in the morning, a mid-day refresh smoke after working 8 hours, and then one hour before bedtime. Without caffeine, I work 11ish hours a day, 6 days a week. To work at this level you have to remain focused, driven, and consistent. The cliche is that stoners are lazy and some are.  I do believe there are many individuals in the legal market that are beginning to show that plenty of us can toke it up and kill it productivity-wise.

When using cannabis on a regular basis, there are a few things one must take into account to remain productive. Indicas versus sativas, the “stoned phase,” and the “come down” phase. For the majority of the heavy users, this is all pretty standard. For those of you who consistently say “I don’t know how you smoke that much weed and get things done,” this may help you understand the life of smoking weed and being productive.

The Intermediate’s Guide To Smoking Weed And Being Productive

Indica Vs. Sativa

In order to perfect smoking throughout the day and remaining productive. One must understand how their body reacts to different strains and when to use each strain. I would recommend going way deeper than indica’s and sativa’s to actual genetics, but this article will be highlighting the basics.

Indicas typically produce body highs, relaxation, and engage “couch-lock.” Many users prefer to use these strains in the evening to unwind and ultimately fall asleep. We’ve all fallen asleep at the couch with a bong full of a heavy Indica before. Yet, some of us prefer to be relaxed and have our mind slow down. I am a true Indica cheif’er anytime except the morning.

Sativas typically have a sweet aroma, great taste, and provide an added energy to your high. Users can also experience anxious feelings if used in high doses, sativa’s can definitely perk up the mind. I personally love the taste of quality sativa’s but don’t enjoy the added energy. The morning time or before cleaning, sativa’s are a MUST!

The “Stoned Phase”

The stoned phase is around 5 minutes after you finish smoking. Mid-conversation, you go to over explain a tangent detail yet you forget the point you were making in the first place. Your smoking buddy has been so focused on what’s going on in his head he’s just been staring at you nodding and suddenly questions if you know that he doesn’t know what the fuck your talking about. No matter how much or little you smoke, the initial stoned phase will come for you. It may be as subtle as forgetting your keys are in your pocket for 30 seconds or as drastic as realizing you can’t remember what keys are actually called while explaining a story about how you lost those things.

The “Come Down”

The comedown phase is around 1-2 hours after smoking. If you smoked a little, you’ll have a nice ease down from your high. If you smoked a lot, you may get sluggish, slightly irritable, or a headache. This can be combated with micro-dosing, staying hydrated, and knowing your tolerance. Coming down from cannabis is not a big deal but it should be accounted for if you’re not accustomed to daily smoking.