What do you get when you cross Exotikz’s Sunset Sherbet with Sherbet? You get a crazy-looking, indica-leaning hybrid called S’mores. This S’mores strain review features flower from The Cure Company’s L.A. headquarters and their dispensary, City Compassionate Caregivers.

Diving further into the S’mores lineage, we find that Sunset Sherbet is a cross between Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Going further down the rabbit hole, GSC is a hybrid of Durban Poison and OG Kush.

GSC was originally cultivated by Bay area rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner from the famous Cookies Cannabis brand. This strain’s lineage is amazing, and we’re super stoked to try it.

In this West Coast Weed Tour Review, @jazisaurus and Respect My Region’s @joeyjayping test The Cure Company’s S’mores strain and the Dynavap device.

 Who Is The Cure Company?

The Cure Company is headquartered in a two-story cultivation facility/dispensary in Downtown L.A. Eight grow rooms supply “seed to sale” products for their downstairs dispensary, City Compassionate Caregivers (CCC).

Cannabis culture icons like @Snoop Dogg and Nipsey Hussle have partnered with CCC in the past to create insanely high-quality products from The Cure Company. The dispensary also offers a large selection of goods from other premium brands. The S’mores strain reviewed here is grown by The Cure Company and sold at City Compassionate Caregivers.

What is Dynavap?

The Dynavap is a no-smoke, non-electronic vaporizer that comes in various models. Dynavap devices can burn flower or concentrate. Chiral airports allow users to adjust airflow. With no batteries or electronics, use an old school flame or a butane torch to toke.

The Dynavap is perfect for people on the go. The M style is easy to use and made from medical grade stainless steel, perfect for toting your cannabis along on active days.

 First Impressions

Before we even opened the box, the date of packaging told us our weed was super fresh. Labeling stated THC content at 24.12 percent, THCA 26.70 percent, Delta 9 THC .70 percent. No CBD in this one.

A budtender/grower at City Compassionate Caregivers told us this brand new flower just dropped, and it is fire. With no idea what it looks like or smells like, we open the box. While still in the jar, the bud is so dark it looks like chocolate.

Cracking the jar open, it smelled smooth and gassy. Outside the jar, the nug is green and orange on top with purple streaked on the sides.

We popped a snapper in our Keith Haring bong from Higher Standards in Malibu, and Jazisaurus ripped a hit from the bong. Joey toked on the Dynavap.

Jazi summed up her first impression for this S’mores strain review in one word – smooth. A mellow earthy, peppery flavor was pleasant, but no hint of s’mores flavor.

Jay Ping used the Dynavap “M” for his first toke. The Dynavap is basically your old one-hitter transformed into a vaporizer. It even comes in a wood box like the ones our old-school one-hitters slipped in.

It hits pretty nice, and it looks good, but the bud’s flavors didn’t really shine through while using the device.

Once he lit up the bong, however, Joey tasted sweet, creamy, earthy, gassy, pine notes and terpenes tingling in the nose.


The effects after one bong rip were instant mind and body relaxation. But it was also an energetic, mood-boosting high. It reminded Jazi of a Blue Dream buzz. The high quality of this flower was recognizable.

Like the treat, this S’mores strain enhances an evening by the campfire or a day at the beach.

The Cure Company does a great job with presentation and appeal. The price is affordable for premium flower. But, the lack of information about lineage and terpenes is disappointing.

For the S’mores strain review, Jay Ping gives The Cure Company’s S’mores flower a 9.5 out of 10. Jazisaurus gives it a 9.3.

Check out the full review below to watch the full West Coast Weed Tour Review and Respect My Region’s Jay Ping demo of the Dynavap.

Find the full scoring matrix on the scorecard at the bottom of this post. Products reviewed on the WCWT are also featured on Respect My Region’s websiteInstagram, and Youtube channel.

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