SNBRN released his debut album back in 2019 just in time for summer. Now, this March and April he’s already dropping singles again starting with “Colder,” and most recently “Obsession.”

Undoubtedly SNBRN was already well recognized for his fun house-like music, but the drop of Solé got him a lot of attention. Contrary to being known for his house-like beats, his album surprised fans with tech and heavy synth use.

One of his new singles “Colder” focuses heavily on the vocals but is supplemented beautifully with his simple yet strategic beat. The track features CAPPA, a singer-songwriter from Nashville. Whereas the song definitely makes you want to dance, but manages to feel low-tempo at the same time.

Colder album cover via

His most recent drop “Obsession” is a stunning example of SNBRN’s ability to incorporate new sounds into his music. The piano is used for a large portion of this track with hints of the saxophone and fun vocals that move through the song easily.

His debut album is ten songs, each being impressive and varying in style and sound. The more easy-going tracks include “Prelude,” “I Can’t Remember” and “Feel My Love.” Even so, “Motherload” and “Tits On A Tricycle” explore a more tech-house feel and many of the songs have a Latin twist.

SNBRN’s style is recognizable for his ability to mesh together house, tropical, tech and a blur of other genres. Somehow he manages to blend all these sounds into one album — and it works!

In addition to his album, his singles came just in time to become staples on this summer’s bop list.

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