California may have joined the recreational cannabis market after Washington, but they established themselves as a cannabis powerhouse long before that. SoCal and NorCal didn’t lack in storefronts to purchase cannabis during the medical days but now, recreational cannabis stores are limited statewide.

These 6 cannabis stores are locted in SoCal and is worth checking out. If you’re passing through or in need of a new store or some unique products to try out, each of these shops is sure to provide a solid experience.

Los Angeles

Alternative Herbal Health Services sits right on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood outside of Los Angeles. Across the street from Whole Foods and a few small fitness centers, they have been serving cannabis patients, medical and recreational, since 2004. We were equally impressed with their wonderful customer service and the wide selection of available products when we stopped by during the West Coast Weed Tour.

Located in downtown Los Angeles is MedMen, another nationally expanding cannabis brand.

With 6 total stores in the Los Angeles area, you should have no problem locating one. Their consistent selection and careful approach ensures that all customers are equally taken care of. If you’re not in Los Angeles, but in the Southern California area, you can also find their stores in Orange County and San Diego.

Between Compton, Inglewood, and the beach lies LaLa Land. With hours from 8 am to midnight, they are open just enough to cover all the working shifts. They also claim to offer some of best vape carts in the area. You have to check them out the next time you’re in SoCal looking for cannabis.

These 6 Places Are Worth Visiting For Cannabis In SoCal

Photo Credit: LaLa Land

San Diego

Urbn Leaf is one of San Diego’s premier cannabis dispensaries. They currently have more than double the amount of Google reviews than any other San Diego store and have created an inviting boutique that provides an opportunity for inquisitive discussion and deeper understanding of their cannabis products. Outside of cannabis, customers also have the opportunity to buy Urbn Leaf branded merchandise to show their support around the state and country.

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Offering a unique experience to purchasing cannabis is Mankind Dispensary.

Most stores have display cases with thick pieces of glass between you and the products. At Mankind, customers are able to browse and find the exact product they want without having to interact with a salesperson. To me, this alleviates a ton of unnecessary pressure that comes along with talking to budtenders.

SoCal Cannabis Honorable Mentions