Despite having just arrived back from a multiple country vacation around the world for the past nine months, Sol returned to Seattle and the Freshest in the Northwest list. His announcement at #8 shocked everyone on the panel and for completely different reasons as evidenced when Swervewon called for him to be higher and Q Dot repeated the statement in complete disbelief. While on vacation, Sol constantly shared pictures of his travels on instagram and despite having only released a loose single or two is now captivating his fans several times more now than he did last year when he was named #6. As M-Pyre pointed out, Macklemore’s rise to platinum status certainly has affected Sol’s buzz positively, but even Sol’s homecoming back to Seattle was an event when last year’s #5 artist Grynch picked him up at the airport a month ago.

Swerve also pointed out that Sol had sold out a show in New York recently after the trip and it’s clear that while the panel had just criticized #10 artist Neema for a lack of music, this is a vote based off of the very same high expectations that were had for Macklemore last year. As the discussion continued it was soon unanimous that everyone defended Sol’s spot on this year’s list and the #7 artist should be shaking in their seat. Do you agree with Sol’s placement on the list or should a more musically active Thaddeus David have at least been considered? Join in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #FreshestintheNW

The list so far:
#8 – Sol
#9 – Thaddeus David –
#10 – Neema –

Stay tuned and find out who will be #7 tomorrow!

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