Over the last few months, I’ve been hearing some really positive things about what Soulshine Cannabis does for Emerald City Pet Rescue, and how their packaging differs from most cannabis producers. Both of these things found me feeling curious about how smoking one of their products was going to go.

The packaging isn’t your typical bottle or ziplock bags that grams usually come in, although something similar is in the packaging. The weed comes in a thin cardboard box that has a small viewing window built into it. Their packaging is recyclable and colorful, plus they donate a portion of their proceeds to the Emerald City Pet Rescue.

For this review, I chose Lodi Dodi, a hybrid of Trainwreck and one of the Haze strains. Trainwreck has always been one of my favorite strains, it is one of those that makes an impression on you the first time you smoke it, if it has been grown well.

The quality of this Lodi Dodi left a definite impression on me, everything about it made me want to smoke more. The buds are a light green with dark orange hairs. Covering every part of the buds were translucent trichomes. It smelled sweet with hints of dirt, and boy did the smell make its’ presence known. The taste was very similar, and I found that the smoke tasted sweet when I exhaled. This was a very tasty strain all around.

The high was phenomenal. I felt focused and had the energy to do things, but the indica side of the hybrid had me completely glued to my couch and unable to move. Once the munchies hit, I was even more stuck.

Lodi Dodi Cannabinoid Breakdown

CBD: 0.03%

Total THC 22.91%

Total Cannabinoids: 22.94%

You can pick up Lodi Dodi from Soulshine Cannabis at Diego Pellicer in Seattle, WA. Featured image courtesy of Soulshine Cannabis.