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When purchasing cannabis there are brands that are pesticide-free and brands that are not. Soulshine Cannabis has some of the cleanest cannabis in Washington. Their marijuana will not only get you high, but you can sleep easy knowing they are all natural.

Can weed be pesticide-free?  Technically anything that is used to control pests is considered a pesticide, and cannabis plants attract pests.  Soulshine opts to only use 100% organic OMRI certified products such as rosemary extract.

Soulshine Cannabis Is One Of The Best Cannabis Brands In Washington

Having a low impact on the environment and growing quality cannabis is Soulshine’s number one mission. They set out to be a socially conscious cannabis company and their packaging and growing methods ensure the smallest amount of waste. From recycling water in their growing rooms, using an energy efficient lighting, down to the packaging, Soulshine obviously cares about their environmental impact. Their packaging is made from sustainable materials that are completely biodegradable. The plastic window on their packaging is actually vegetable based and completely dissolves over time. The stickers on their products are made from non-toxic vegetable-based inks on hep and sugar cane stickers. They believe in providing high-quality products to the market and pay extra attention to hand-watering, hand trimming and only using the most natural practices to growing cannabis.

If you’re from Seattle, this last bit about Soulshine Cannabis will truly touch home. They are the only cannabis company in the state that donates a portion of their earnings to Emerald City Pet Rescue. This means every time you get high, a portion of all sales go to rescuing, nurturing, and rehabilitating homeless and neglected animals.

Soulshine Cannabis Suggestions

  • Narnia– Trainwreck x Jack-  This Sativa Dominant cross will have you clear-headed, energized and creative. We suggest smoking this while listening to the RMR Playlist. 
  • Himalayan Blackberry- Nepalese x North Indian- This indica dominant hybrid will have you chilling and grubbing. It’s calming and relaxing high will let you kick back after a long night of partying.
  • Lodi-Dodi- Trainwreck x Haze-  This sativa dominant hybrid will have you feeling lifted and loose. We suggest you smoke this when you’re out exploring the great northwest.


Soulshine Cannabis Strain Reviews

Royal Kush

Hindu Kush

Lodi Dodi


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