The Sour OG strain is popular for its balancing highs and reliable potency. It has a gassy sour lemon kush aroma that’s been pleasing cannabis consumers for years. Sour Diesel and OG Kush came together beautifully to create this hitter. Readily available anywhere along the West Coast and beyond, this is a strain that will stick around for a while. The high might take you into an energetic heady feeling at first, which eventually resolves to weighted bodily relaxation.

Looking at a prime cut of the Sour OG strain, it shows off the perfect balance of dense, yet still prickly nugs. In the tradition of an OG cross, it comes riddled with big, white, sticky trichomes.  The coloration of a nug is quite attractive, showcasing light greens and oranges that sparkle with the decadent trichome coverage. It has an odor that pretty similarly matches its taste, with an acrid pine-driven lemon fuel that has classic kush undertones.

Looking at the dominant terpenes for the Sour OG strain, it all makes sense. It has predominant amounts of myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. The Sour Diesel really brings out the energizing effects that limonene and beta-caryophyllene might enhance. This is otherwise a prominent terpene profile for heavy indica strains. Some other phenos of this strain have more of a fruity presence in the terps.

Sour OG Strain by Green Bodhi

Image via @greenbodhi

Myrcene is one of the most common terps in the game, and contributes a diverse array of musky and hoppy fragrances that can sometimes even smell like grapes. Its effects are known to potentially bring on a tremendous calm in conjunction with this strain’s relatively high THC. Limonene is a sweet and lemony terp that may bring on stress-relieving and anxiety-lifting qualities. Beta-caryophyllene is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, and contributes to the spicy, earthy gas of this strain.

Many cannabis consumers that have a long history with the herb refer to the Sour OG strain as the “one-hit-quit.” Upon smoking this strain, you might immediately feel its effects wrap around your head. Washing over you like a wave, you may end up stoically still in thought as the high weighs you down like a stone. The high might create an overall uplifting euphoria that may benefit anyone suffering from chronic stress, pain, or depression.

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